Advanced Data Centers Receives the Largest 'Savings by Design' Reward from Sacramento Municipal Util

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, (January 16, 2009)Advanced Data Centers (ADC), a leading owner and operator of wholesale data centers, today announced that it has received the largest 'Savings by Design' reward from the SMUD for its new McClellan Park data center in Sacramento, CA.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, --(Marketwire - January 16, 2009) - Advanced Data Centers (ADC), a leading owner and operator of wholesale data centers, today announced that it has received the largest 'Savings by Design' reward from the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) for its new McClellan Park data center in Sacramento, CA. ADC's "green," ultra high power density, wholesale data center will occupy 500,000 square feet across four buildings and will provide 90 megawatts (MW) of power. As part of a strategic partnership to support the implementation of innovative energy efficiency measures, the new ADC data center will benefit from a utility rate discount.

Millions Saved in Energy Costs
ADC demonstrated the ability to save more than $2,000,000 in utility costs annually just with its first 70,000 square foot building, which is capable of delivering 10MW of critical load. ADC's data center uses power more efficiently by employing a number of systems and techniques, including the use of energy-efficient chillers, air side economizers, flywheel uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, advanced air distribution systems, and energy-efficient lighting.

"SMUD applauds ADC for its leadership in environmental design and commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. The projected energy savings will not only significantly reduce costs, but also will make a significant contribution to SMUD's ambitious energy efficiency goals," said Clifton Lewis, manager of SMUD programs and services.

Power On-Demand
Power On-Demand is an increasingly critical data center requirement. To support this, ADC has built a fully redundant 69,000 volt, N+1 substation designed with a total capacity of 45MW for the exclusive use of ADC's customers. The substation, owned and operated by ADC, is fully dedicated to providing power for 160,000 square feet of high-power density data center floor space, yielding 250 watts per square foot to support critical computer loads. It is powered through diverse feeds from two highly-reliable SMUD substations, over recently upgraded high-voltage transmission infrastructure.

Dependable and Accessible Source for Inexpensive Power
"Ready access to large amounts of inexpensive, reliable power is the primary consideration for corporate data center customers," said Michael Cohen, president of Advanced Data Centers. "The ADC McClellan Park data center is ideal, because it is located in a seismically inactive area, outside of the 500-year flood plain and boasts $0.07/kWh power costs. Best of all, it is located within 90 minutes of San Francisco and the Silicon Valley."

Green Data Center - Pre-Certified LEED® Platinum
ADC's data center has been pre-certified LEED Platinum by the U.S. Green Building Council in recognition of their "green" building design, including its extraordinary energy efficiency. The facility is the industry's first and only LEED Platinum pre-certified data center.

High-Efficiency Keeps Cost Down and Reduces Carbon Footprint
ADC's McClellan Park data center is designed to operate at the industry's leading Power Utilization Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.1. A 1.1 PUE reduces the energy required to operate the data center by more than 35 percent and significantly lowers the total cost of data center operations. In addition to keeping ADC's power costs down, this will also reduce ADC's carbon footprint. Developed by The Green Grid (, PUE is a ratio used for measuring and comparing data center energy performance.

About Savings by Design
Savings by Design (, sponsored by Pacific Gas and Electric Company, San Diego Gas and Electric, Southern California Edison Company, Southern California Gas Company and the Sacramento Municipal Utility District, is a program to encourage high-performance and energy-efficient nonresidential building design and construction. Savings by Design provides incentives for energy efficiency measures that exceed industry standards.

About ADC
Advanced Data Centers (ADC) is a leading owner and operator of wholesale data centers, designed specifically for the corporate user. The data centers are highly specialized, secure facilities used to house, power and cool critical IT infrastructure (servers, storage equipment, etc.) Focused on robustness and reliability, each facility is designed to exceed today's requirements and to support the constantly growing demands of future technologies. For more information, visit

About SMUD
SMUD ( is the sixth largest publicly owned utility in the country in terms of customers served and provides electric service to Sacramento County and a small portion of Placer County. SMUD's customers continue to pay significantly less for electricity than most Californians and as much as 26 percent less than customers who are supplied by neighboring PG&E.

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