SEMI PV Group Announces Worldwide PV Equipment Data Collection Program in Collaboration with Yole D

Association Currently Recruiting Program Participants SAN JOSE, Calif. - January 26, 2009 - SEMI PV Group today announced the addition of the Photovoltaic (PV) Equipment Data Collection Program to its market research portfolio for members..

The program, a partnership between SEMI PV Group and Yole Developpement, will generate a quarterly PV equipment book-to-bill report to provide subscribers with timely and credible global information on the rapidly expanding PV equipment market.

Currently, the PV Group and Yole are recruiting PV equipment manufacturers to take part in the program, and the program will focus on an initial list of suggested categories *. In addition to equipment used in the manufacturing of cells and modules, the categories also include equipment used in the manufacturing of ingots, wafers, and polysilicon .Each category will consist of data aggregated from a minimum of three companies. The final category list will be determined by participant interest.

"SEMI has been a longstanding and credible voice in providing market statistics for the semiconductor manufacturing industry to its membership, as well as the journalist commu-nity," said Stanley T. Myers, president and CEO of SEMI. "Because such a large percen-tage of our members also serve the PV industry, this new data collection program is a logical fit within our existing offerings, ensuring a complete global snapshot of the PV equipment segment."

"We have long enjoyed a strong relationship with SEMI, and have worked together in the past to provide market information on the MEMS and Nanotechnology programs, so we are pleased to be collaborating on the PV program," said Jean-Christophe Eloy, founder of Yole Developpement. "I believe this collaboration fills in an obvious gap by providing up to date and accurate information on the PV equipment industry."

The inaugural report will be issued in May, and will contain bookings and billing data from Q1 2009. Subsequent reports will be issued quarterly in August, November and February, and will be available for a subscription fee, with a discount for SEMI/ PV Group members.

Companies interested in participating in the Worldwide PV Equipment Data Collection Pro-gram should contact Dan Tracy at or Gaetan Rull at

For more information, please visit

About Yole Developpement
Yole Dveloppement is a market research and strategy consulting company, specialized in Photovoltaic, 3D packaging, MEMS and compound semiconductors. Yole Dveloppement offers various kinds of services:
Custom market research and technology/strategy analysis
Market reports
Marketing and communication services through MicroNews
Founded in 1998, Yole Dveloppement is the world leader in the analysis of the microtechnologies and compound semiconductors markets. Every single day, Yole's team is in contact with the world's key players, industrial companies, R&D institutes and investors, in order to help them understand the markets and technology trends. In our analyses, we take into account the whole value chain including materials and equipment suppliers as well as device and system manufacturers.
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Jean Christophe Eloy, CEO
Tel: +33 472 83 01 80
Gaetan Rull, PV Principal Analyst
Tel: +33 472 83 01 87

About SEMI
The PV Group is a SEMI special interest group that serves the photovoltaic supply chain. Participating companies provide manufacturing equipment, materials, cells, modules, sub-systems, and components to the solar energy industry worldwide. The PV Group mission is to advance industry growth, support continuous efficiency improvements and promote sustainable business practices through international standards development, events, public policy advocacy, EHS support, market intelligence, and other services.
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Association Contacts

Dan Tracy/SEMI
Tel: 1.408.943.7987

Scott Smith/SEMI
Tel: 1.408.943.7957

Editor's Note: Suggested Data Program Categories

Diffusion furnace
Firing furnace
Laser scribers
MOCVD tools
Module Laminator
PECVD for thin films
Screen printers
SiN coater
Sputtering for thin films
Tester and sorter
Wet bench
Wafer manufacturing
Equipment subsystems and compo-nents
Ingot, wafer, and polysilicon manufacturing

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