Illinois Solar Energy Association (ISEA) Solar and Small Wind Education Courses

ISEA seminars provide comprehensive general information on solar and small wind energy systems. ISEA's basic education is designed with homeowners, business owners and municipal leaders in mind. ISEA also offers an advanced curriculum for design professionals, contractors and entrepreneurs.

A Partial List of Upcoming Workshops:

January 31st in Danville: Holiday Inn Express, 310 Eastgate Drive

February 7th in St. Charles: Holiday Inn Express, 1600 E. East Main St.

February 21st in Chicago: Shorebank (Bronzeville), 3401 S. King Drive

February 28th in Rockford: Rockford Public Library, 1238 S. Winnebago

March 7th in Peoria: Bradley University, 1501 West Bradley Avenue

March 12th in Chicago: Center for Green Technology(CCGT), 445 N. Sacramento Blvd.

March 28th in Evanston: Evanston Ecology Center, 2024 McCormick Blvd

April 18th in Normal: Illinois State University, 100 N. University St.

May 2nd in Springfield, Lincoln Land Community College 5250 Shepherd Road

May 16th in Chicago: Center for Green Technology (CCGT), 445 N. Sacramento

May 23rd in East Peoria: Illinois Central College, 1 College Drive

June 13th in Elgin: Holiday Inn, 495 Airport Rd.

June 20th in Chicago: Center for Green Technology (CCGT), 445 N. Sacramento

July 18th in Chicago: Center for Green Technology (CCGT), 445 N. Sacramento

July 25th in Rolling Meadows: Community Center, 3705 Pheasant Drive

August 1st in Chicago: Wright Community College, 4300 N. Narragansett

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