Agni Energie ("AGNI"), a global leader in the field of renewable and alternative clean energy technology, has been awarded yet another contract in Malaysia to build its second biomass to energy plants in the state of Sarawak.

Agni Energie ("AGNI"), a global leader in the field of renewable and alternative clean energy technology, has been awarded yet another contract in Malaysia to build its second biomass to energy plants in the state of Sarawak. The plants, the first of their kind in Sarawak, will be used to generate electricity using renewable energy technology.

AGNI announced the first of its kind biomass to energy power plant in the district of Bera, Pahang in November 2008.

In Sarawak, AGNI has been awarded an EPC Turnkey Contract by Wilgate Sdn.Bhd, a Sarawak based company, to design, build and commission a total of 12MW of renewable energy power plants using Empty Fruit Bunches (EFB) and woodchips. Based in the districts of Limbang and Lawas in Sarawak, the construction of the 8 MW and 4 MW plants respectively, is due to start in March 2009 for 18 months.

On completion of construction AGNI will be operating and maintaining these plants for 21 years for Wilgate. Wilgate will be selling the electricity generated from these plants to Sarawak Electricity Corporation (SESCo). SESCo, the state run power producer today provides power to over 400,000 consumers in Sarawak.

"We are excited to share our technology in this market. Through this Project AGNI will be able to introduce how biomass can be effectively converted to energy to support the needs of people of Sarawak. We are keen to work with the Government of Sarawak on how best to optimally conserve and generate energy via our technology to serve the needs of the over 2.4 million population of Sarawak," said Mohammed Afique Abdullah, Senior Vice President of AGNI overseeing its Business Development for Malaysia.
In February 2008, the Government of Malaysia launched the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE), one of the five Corridors introduced by the Government towards propelling Malaysia's 2020 Vision and alleviating poverty. The principal thrust of SCORE is to utilize the energy resources, particularly hydropower (28,000 MW), coal (1.46 billion tones), and natural gas (40.9 trillion square cubic feet) found abundantly within the Central Region to build energy-intensive industries which will draw and boost an industrial development in the corridor.

Headquartered out of Singapore and with operations in the United States, London, Portugal, Spain and Malaysia, AGNI today has a pipeline of projects in development across Europe, Asia and the United States. The project in Sarawak marks AGNI's commitment to the Malaysian market.

The first of its kind in Sarawak, the plant enjoys significantly higher efficiency in excess of 30%, compared to conventional plant efficiency of only 15% to 18%. Agni's technology offers zero carbon emission, consistent with the principles of sustainable development. AGNI's technology guarantees 90% off-take of electricity to Wilgate which is higher than the current market standards of 70%, added Afique who also oversees AGNI's business development for Asia and Africa.

Sarawak offers a competitive landscape for the development of renewable energy technology given its natural resources and timber. Mr. John Chung, the Chief Financial Officer of AGNI stated that AGNI's unique vertically integrated technology allows for it to design and develop 0.5-30 MW renewable energy power plants cost effectively. "Our technology uses less biomass to produce the same amount of power when compared to conventional technology," he added stating also that AGNI uses its own in-house technology. Given the targets set by the Government of Sarawak to achieve 600MW of electricity via alternative energy by 2020 and over 2.5GW by 2037 which is 9% of the State's electricity needs, John said that AGNI's technology would optimally support Malaysia's national energy targets.

AGNI has over 90 technology patents today through its focus on innovative technology and has developed on-site modular systems that are fuel-flexible, efficient and simple to operate with minimum negative impact on the environment which will provide power for domestic and international markets.


About AGNI

Agni Inc. is an industry leader in the field of alternative clean energy generation technology development and is dedicated to providing high efficiency, low emission on-site systems delivering significant environmental and commercial benefits to its customers. A profitable fuel cell and alternative energy technology company, Agni develops, manufactures and in some instances also operates plants on BOO / BOOT basis comprised of the following technologies:.

Fuel Cells
Hydrogen Power Plant Systems
Micro CHP Systems
Fuel Reformers
Bio Fuel - Bioethanol/Biodiesel
Biomass derived Gasoline and Diesel

The business focus is on grid-connected, distributed on-site generation, automotive, and backup power.
Agni's range of power generation technologies enable significantly more efficient electrical power production and also the recovery of excess heat which may be converted into hot water, steam and chilled water for air-conditioning or used to produce even more electrical power. Our technology can be configured to produce potable water as a by-product, and to recover CO2, therefore without emitting hazardous greenhouse gases.
Agni has operations in Portugal, Spain, US, UK and Malaysia, with offices in Norway and Mauritius. Agni Inc Pte. Ltd. is headquartered in Singapore and has a manufacturing facility of 120,000 square feet in Shah Alam, Malaysia, 18,000 square feet in Connecticut, US and a fully automated manufacturing facility of 160,000 square feet in Montemor, Portugal which is expected to be completed in 2009. Agni in Malaysia recorded revenues of RM$38.3m for the year 2007.

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