Gray Water Recycling Update No. 10

From Gray Water Recycling Systems. We build gray and rainwater recycling units for residences, resorts, hotel and commercial use. Units capture water from shower, bath, laundry and downspout, then purify, disinfect and store that water to be reused for irrigation and other recycled water uses.


When California Department of Water Resources workers took the second snow measurement of the winter last Thursday, they found that statewide, the snow's water content was 61% of the average. The figure was an even lower 49% in the northern Sierra, which feeds the state's two largest reservoirs, Shasta and Oroville. "Both are less than half as full as they should be for this time of year," stated Don Strickland, spokesman for the water agency.

While there are still two months left for winter precipitation, state officials say it is increasingly unlikely we will get enough rainfall to break the drought that is prompting increasingly urgent calls for conservation. In fact, Senior state meteorologist Elissa Lynn said, "La Nina conditions, which led to an exceptionally dry spring last year, may be redeveloping."

"We may be at the start of the worst California drought in modern history. It's imperative for Californians to conserve water immediately at home and in their businesses," state water resources director Lester Snow said in a statement. Southern California water managers have warned there is an increasing chance that rationing will be imposed this summer. LA Times

Drought conditions are not limited to California. Virtually all states are experiencing some degree of water shortage. Especially those in the south and southwest desert regions where serious water shortages exist.


It could be as benign as elected officials asking us to voluntarily cut back or as harsh as flow restriction meters cutting off water. Mexico City is currently experiencing a water crisis where the National Water Commission has suspended service to millions of city residents for three days every month!

Numerous water conservation techniques have been tried over the years with varying degrees of success. What we see will depend on the severity of the drought and level of reserves in reservoirs.

One plan being discussed is establishing a household water allotment. Based on past usage and number of household members, a minimum amount of water would be provided that is able to safely sustain living standards. When that allotment is reached the cost for additional water would be excessive, or in some cases the service temporarily suspended. LA Times, Daily Breeze & Other Sources


By installing a GWRS unit and reusing shower and laundry water for irrigation and other uses, a family of four with average lawns and gardens will reduce their municipal water use by 50% to 70%.

In the event of water rationing, not only will you be able to properly maintain your landscaping and gardens, you will be doing everything within your power to preserve one of our most valuable natural resources.

In terms of gallons, look at your water bill. Your usage is shown in CCF's (100 cubic feet), 1 CCF contains 748 gallons. In the twelve months prior to installing a GWRS unit, our family of four used an average of 34 CCF's per month (25,432 g). We now use 12 CCF's (8,976 g), a 65% savings. We've reduced our municipal water use by over 197,000 gallons per year.

If only 100 families used GWRS units the annual savings would be almost 19 Million Gallons, 1000 would be nearly 200 Million Gallons saved!!

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