Entegrity Wind Systems Installs 18 Wind Turbines to Complete Alaska's Largest Wind Farm

Boulder, Colo. - Entegrity Wind Systems recently completed the installation of 18 EW50 wind turbines in Nome, Alaska. The new wind farm is located in the Snake River Valley and is now Alaska's largest wind farm, producing 10 percent of the energy needs in Nome.

Since the EW50 commercial scale wind turbine was designed for the Arctic, it is perfectly suited to Alaska's weather and terrain. Entegrity Wind outfitted the wind turbines for Nome with black blades and heaters to withstand Alaska's climate. The EW50 is a 50-kilowatt wind turbine generator designed to supplement electric power generation and provide clean, renewable energy while controlling operational costs. For more information on Entegrity Wind and Alaska's largest wind farm, please visit www.entegritywind.com or www.westerncommunityenergy.com

About Entegrity Wind
Entegrity Wind Systems, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of commercial-scale wind turbines with installations worldwide. The EW50 is a 50-kilowatt wind turbine generator designed to supplement electric power generation for large buildings, large farms, communities, schools, and remote locations. The EW50 provides renewable energy while controlling operational costs, and is an ideal capital investment that enables owners to secure low-cost electricity for the future. Please visit the company's website at www.entegritywind.com for additional information.

Contact: Krista Koranda, Marketing & Communications Manager for Entegrity Wind at 303.440.8799 or Krista.koranda@entegritywind.com

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