National call-in news conference to announce the release of Green Power Superhighways: Building a Path to America's Clean Energy Future, a joint publication of the American Wind Energy Association and the Solar Energy Industries Association.

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) today released a white paper titled "Green Power Superhighways: Building a Path to America's Clean Energy Future," detailing current inadequacies of the U.S. electric transmission infrastructure and offering policy solutions to address them.

Inadequate transmission capacity is a significant barrier to renewable energy development in the U.S. Underscoring that fact, SEIA President and CEO Rhone Resch and AWEA CEO Denise Bode held a news conference with reporters today to announce publication of the white paper.

The release of the paper comes at a critical time. President Obama and Congress have made strong commitments to renewable energy as a driver for jobs creation and economic growth, but the nation's renewable energy resources can not reach their full potential without renewed investment in our transmission infrastructure.

"Just as President Eisenhower's vision of a modern interstate highway system transformed commerce and transportation in our nation, the benefits of this kind of investment by our generation will far exceed the costs. We need a modern electron superhighway to power our nation's 21st century economy with clean, renewable energy," said Bode. "Nearly 300,000 MW of wind capacity is held up in the pipeline due to transmission limitations. The wind industry is ready to get these projects in the ground, create thousands of jobs, generate investment here in the U.S. and provide an inexhaustible supply of clean, affordable energy for years to come."

"President Obama has issued the bold challenge to double renewable energy generation in the U.S. in three years. This will not be achieved without renewed investment in our electric transmission infrastructure to ensure that the regions with the best solar resources are connected to population centers where they are needed most," said Resch. "At the same time, new investments will create thousands of good-paying jobs in areas hard hit by the recession. This effort will require a cohesive plan from federal, state, and local interests and will not be easy, but we are up to the President's challenge."


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"Green Power Superhighways: Building a Path to America's Clean Energy Future" - Full Document

Further Background on Transmission from SEIA

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AWEA is the national trade association of America's wind industry, with more than 1,900 member companies, including global leaders in wind power and energy development, wind turbine manufacturing, component and service suppliers, and the world's largest wind power trade show. AWEA is the voice of wind energy in the U.S., promoting renewable energy to power a cleaner, stronger America. More information on wind energy is available at the AWEA Web site:

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Solar Energy Industries Association is the national trade association of solar energy manufacturers, project developers, distributors, contractors, installers, architects, consultants and financiers. Established in 1974, SEIA works to expand the use of solar technologies in the global marketplace, strengthen research and development, remove market barriers, and improve education and outreach for solar. Learn more at

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