Company receives Technology Leadership Award for Renewable and Alternative Power Generation

Agni Energie ("AGNI"), a global leader in the field of renewable and alternative clean energy technology, has received the regional Technology Leadership Award for Renewable and Alternative Power Generation from Frost & Sullivan.

The award was received by AGNI at Frost & Sullivan's 2009 South East Asia Industrial Technologies Awards ceremony in Kuala Lumpur on April 2, 2009.

The Technology Leadership Award is bestowed on a company that has pioneered the development and introduction of an innovative technology into the market; a technology that has either impacted or has the potential to impact several market sectors.

For AGNI, receiving the Technology Leadership Award for the renewable energy (RE) category is a significant milestone as it is an acknowledgement of the company's efforts in spearheading innovation in the renewable energy industry, in Malaysia and South East Asia. The fundamentals of our business lie in the strength and skills of our people as well as the competitiveness of our technology. We have over 50 patents to date and this recognition simply stamps further our commitment not just to Malaysia but indeed to our business globally to be a leading technology provider, project developer and operator of renewable energy power plants.

It honours AGNI's steadfast efforts in spearheading innovation not just in mature markets but also in those where the growth of renewable energy is relatively new.

This is the second year running in which Frost & Sullivan has honoured outstanding efforts of a range of companies from the Environment & Building Technologies, Energy & Power Systems, Industrial Automation & Process Control, Electronics & Security, and Measurement & Instrumentation sectors.

In this annual best practices programme, the company screens the regional market to showcase extraordinary case studies and bring to fore those companies which have excelled beyond market average.

The awards recognised both technology innovators as well as companies that have successfully implemented their growth strategies, even during these challenging times, to gain market share and customer mind share. The awards are synonymous with Frost & Sullivan's in-depth analysis and coverage of these industries, and they are carefully reviewed and evaluated to reflect the current market landscape inclusive of the emerging technology trends.

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About AGNI Inc
AGNI Inc is an industry leader in designing, developing, manufacturing and operating small to mid-sized renewable energy plant. As a leader in the field of alternative clean energy generation technology development, the company is dedicated to providing high efficiency, low emission on-site systems delivering significant environment and commercial benefits to its customers. A profitable fuel cell and alternative energy technology company, AGNI develops, manufactures and in some instances, operates plants on "Build Own Operate" (BOO) or "Build Own Operate Transfer" (BOOT) basis, comprising the following products.

Fuel Cells
Hydrogen Power Plant Systems
Micro CHP Systems
Fuel Reformers
Bio Fuel - Bioethanol/Biodiesel
Biomass derived Gasoline and Diesel

The business focus is on grid-connected, distributed on-site generation, automotive, backup.

AGNI's range of power generation technologies enable significantly more efficient electrical power production and also the recovery of excess heat which may be converted into hot water, steam and chilled water for air-conditioning or used to produce even more electrical power. Our technology can be configured to produce potable water as a by-product, and to recover CO2, therefore without emitting hazardous greenhouse gases.

AGNI was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Singapore. The company has operations in Portugal, Spain, the US, UK and Malaysia, with registered offices in Norway, Poland, and Mauritius. It has a manufacturing facility of 120,000 square feet in Shah Alam, Malaysia (AGNI's largest operations), 18,000 square feet in Connecticut, US, and a fully automated manufacturing facility of 160,000 square feet in Montemor, Portugal, which is expected to be completed in 2009. Today, the company houses 211 employees including 105 engineers and scientists.

AGNI in Malaysia recorded revenues of RM38.3mil for the year 2007 and AGNI has substantial contracts in place with the government-owned companies in the European Union and elsewhere to generate up to RM432.25mil in power purchase revenues per annum for the period ranging between the next 10 to 25 years. This recurring revenue is backed by Power Purchase Agreements signed by the European Union and other sovereign owned Power Companies, in most cases indexed to inflation. AGNI's order book today is valued at RM675.5mil.

AGNI principal products
AGNI designs, develops and deliver technologies that emit zero carbon dioxide at very effective and efficient costs. Using its own home-grown technology developed by its staff, the company develops on-site modular systems that are fuel-flexible, efficient and simple to operate, with minimum negative impact on the environment and which will provide power for domestic and international markets.

Fuel Cells
A fuel cell is an electrochemical device that combines hydrogen fuel and oxygen to produce electricity, heat and water. As the cell operates without combustion, it is considered virtually pollution-free.

Intergrated Hydrogen Power Plant
AGNI is engaged in the development of integrated hydrogen power plants. The plant has a multi-fuel option whereby it can be processed from various waste, hydrocarbons, landfill gas and coal. It produces highly efficient electrical power and the hot water/steam generated can be used for industrial and domestic purposes.

This is a thermo-chemical process that converts biomass into combustible gas called producer gas. Producer gas contains 70 percent to 80 percent of the energy originally present in the biomass feedstock.

Micro Cogeneration and Trigeneration Systems
This system is devised for residential use, corporate use and back-up power. It is available in three configurations electrical power, combined heat and power, and trigeneration. The trigeneration process produces four forms of energy from one source being hot water, steam, cooling and power generation (electricity). The system reduces energy costs and provides pollution-free energy generation, or optionally low carbon emission energy generation.

AGNI undertakes renewable energy infrastructure projects such as converting landfill gas into power, burning/processing empty fruit bunches from oil palm estates to produce gases such as hydrogen and methane that are oxidised to produce power, and use rice husks and wood to convert into energy. The energy is subsequently supplied to national electricity boards, the government, municipalities, co-operatives and commercial companies.

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