SPG Solar Completes America's First Solar Major Motion Picture Theater

Fairfax 5 Theatres Takes Environmental Leadership Role in Community SPG Solar recently completed the first solar system installation for a major motion picture theater in America, at Fairfax Five Theatres.

April 14, 2009 (Fairfax, Calif.) - SPG Solar recently completed the first solar system installation for a major motion picture theater in America, at Fairfax Five Theatres. The historic theater, built in 1952, now offsets 36 percent of the facility's electric costs with solar. SPG Solar, Inc. is the developer and installer of the 31.5 Kilowatt solar PV system.

Dave Corkill, founder of Cinema West, a leading California major motion cinema chain, has owned and operated the Fairfax 5 Theatres for over 13 years and recently turned it into Marin's first all digital projection theater.

"The Fairfax 5 Theatre is part of a progressive community," says Corkill. "The Town of Fairfax is known for setting examples and trends for other communities and the nation to follow. I know the Town of Fairfax wholeheartedly welcomes this solar system. The Fairfax Five Theatre is a landmark of downtown Fairfax. To have it be a display of environmental leadership represents the town's social awareness and progressiveness."

The rooftop solar system is comprised of 170 solar modules tilted and oriented to the south for optimal production. A State rebate and Federal tax credit helped pay for nearly half of the total system cost, with the system expected to pay for itself in 8 years.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, through its 25 year life, this solar system will prevent the emissions of more than 777 metric tons of greenhouse gases, which is equivalent to removing 143 passengers cars from the road for a year. The Fairfax 5 Theater solar installation produces enough electricity to power 108 Bay Area homes for one year.

Ted Walsh, Director of Commercial Development for SPG Solar, states, "The solar system at Fairfax 5 Theatre will be an excellent financial investment while also significantly reducing the theatre's carbon footprint. As a resident of Fairfax myself, I am very excited to see Cinema West taking on an environmental leadership role in town. It's an exciting addition to the community."


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