Solar Architecture and Renewable Energy At Baucon Yapex 2009

Baucon Yapex 2009 Organization will focus on "Solar Architecture and Renewable Energy" with its international events and displaying products during 22-25 October 2009 at Antalya Expo Center, Turkey.

Baucon Yapex 2009 Organization will focus on "Solar Architecture and Renewable Energy" with its international events and displaying products during 22-25 October 2009 at Antalya Expo Center, Turkey.

New solar thermal systems and sophisticated solar technology have been required in the Turkish market and there is a great demand for the products and materials to affect the building design to utilize the solar energy. Considering the number of tourism facilities, solar power technology finds a strong demand in the region. The special showcase "SOLAR POWER" will take place in the halls of Baucon Yapex 2009.

The Chamber of Architects of Antalya will organize a special accompanying event with the title "International Ecological Architecture and Planning Symposium" during Baucon Yapex 2009.

The Chamber of Mechanical Engineers of Antalya decides to organize a symposium on "Solar Power Systems" in co-operation with the Universities.

Here is some short list of information about Solar Energy in Turkey:

Turkey is the second country in Europe with its Potential Solar Energy after Spain.

The average sunny times in a year is 2.640 hours, it means 7,2 hours a day in Turkey.

In Antalya, solar energy is used for heating swimming pools, cooling, getting power and heat, electricity, extract water for agriculture.

The potential of solar energy thermic powerhouse is 380 billions kwh per year. It means two times more than Turkey's consumption of 200 billons kwh per year.

Southeast Anatolia Region is the first region (with 14.4 MJ/sqm a day) and Mediterranean Region is the second region (13.71 MJ/sqm a day) of Turkey with its solar energy.

If the solar panels are placed on the 80% roofs only in Antalya, it means the production of 24 billions kwh electricity.

The richest areas about sunbeam in Turkey are: Mediterranean 2923 hours, Eastern Anatolia: 2693 hours, Aegean 2726 hours, Southeast Anatolia: 3016 hours, Central Anatolia: 2712 hours, Marmara: 2528 hours.

In the Mediterranean Region the sun is shining approximately 8.1 hours daily, in Antalya it's shining 12 hours daily in July.

Turkish Photovoltaic market is just growing up. Turkish Photovoltaic market is new and untouched and it is one of the best opportunities for the photovoltaic companies to grow up in Europe and Asia.

Baucon Yapex Organization will offer privileged participation options for The Solar System Companies. Please feel free to ask our International Sales Department ( for the details.

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