GeoSmart Energy a bright light in struggling economy

Spacious 40,000 square foot facility is the new home for the company's national head office, distribution centre and state-of-the-art geothermal training and testing facility

Cambridge, ON - GeoSmart Energy has become a bright light in an otherwise dismal economy reinforcing to government and businesses alike that an investment in the renewable energy industry is a positive step forward in improving Canada's ailing economy. During a time when many businesses are struggling to make ends meet, GeoSmart Energy continues to experience rapid growth with record sales that have positioned the company as one of the largest non-manufacturing based distributors of geothermal only products in North America.

The official opening of its massive new multi-function complex in Cambridge, Ontario today is a vivid example of just how far the four-year old company has come. GeoSmart Energy's spacious 40,000 square foot facility is the new home for the company's national head office, distribution centre and state-of-the-art geothermal training and testing facility - and more than five times the size of its previous 6,800 square foot facility.

The move is indicative of the company's unprecedented growth and a sign that Canadians are quickly embracing the economic and environmental benefits of using renewable energy to heat and cool their homes and businesses. Since 2005, GeoSmart Energy has more than quadrupled its staff complement and developed an impressive network of 300+ dealers across Canada and more than 600 contractors in the United States and Canada.

"Sustainable energy is a sound investment in the future of this country and it's rewarding to see so many people electing to invest in a cleaner, more cost-effective and energy efficient way to heat and cool their homes and businesses," says Chad Brezynskie, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, GeoSmart Energy.

"When it comes to developing green solutions for Ontario, GeoSmart Energy brings exceptional leadership, energy and skill to the table, and we hope other companies will take their lead and follow suit," says Kevin Flynn, Parliamentary Assistant to the Ontario Minister of the Environment, who was on hand to help the Cambridge company mark its official opening. "Going green is good business and its opening up new opportunities for a prosperous future."

Greg Durocher, President and CEO of the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce couldn't agree more. "GeoSmart Energy's rapid growth sends a strong message to businesses and entrepreneurs here in Cambridge and across the country that going green is part of a smart business plan that contributes positively to the economy."

GeoSmart Energy CEO Stan Marco's receipt of the Canadian GeoExchange Coalition's prestigious Prize for National Leadership last fall has further elevated the GeoSmart Energy brand, making it one of the most recognized geothermal brands in the marketplace today.

"Stan Marco was one of this country's first CGC recognized trainers, and today, his company houses what is arguably one of the most impressive dedicated geothermal training centres in North America," notes Denis Tanguay, President and CEO, Canadian GeoExchange Coalition. "Thanks to industry leaders like GeoSmart Energy, Canada has successfully built a geoexchange infrastructure that is unique in the world and capable of sustaining the ongoing development of our industry."
Further reinforcing GeoSmart Energy's presence in the marketplace are the strategic partnerships the company has secured with organizations like F.W. Webb, the largest heating and cooling contractor in the Northeastern United States; ClimateCare, Canada's leading HVAC co-operative, representing a network of more than 30 independent residential HVAC professional contracting companies across Ontario; and Alliance Homes, resulting in the installation of geothermal technology in the construction of an adult lifestyle community in southern Ontario.

The company's solid reputation for product innovation is reflected in the attractive stainless steel and blue cabinets that house its geothermal units and in the PE100 green geothermal pipe it uses in installations. "We're constantly exploring opportunities to further improve existing geothermal technology," says Stan Marco. "We want our products to be the best they can be for the dealers who sell them, the contractors who install them, and ultimately, for the customers who buy them."

The official opening of GeoSmart Energy's new facility marked a week of activity that saw the company welcome more than 95 dealers from across Canada and the United States to its annual Dealer Meeting and Awards Banquet where it acknowledged the significant role that dealers have had in the company's success.

"What makes us gel as a company and as a network of dealers is that we all share one very important thing in common - we're all passionate about delivering exceptional customer service," says Stan Marco.

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