New Automotive Power Systems utilizes latest military technology

By using the latest lithium technology the weight and size in our new power systems has been drastically reduced. The systems have been developed for military purposes and in relations to lead solutions, security and performance is top notch.

Clayton Power has developed new 100% integrate able lithium battery systems for special vehicles. The systems are particularly suited for vehicles that need much energy but have a limited space. All systems can be configured according to system requirements from the customer - The systems communicate and are configured from a PC.

The lithium battery power system is perfectly suited to power applications with high starting and longer lasting power consumption. The high discharge of power is one of the systems strengths. The system is maintenance free and will outweigh any weaknesses in conjunction with Lead Acid. This makes the system the most robust battery solution, appealing to all powerfully and demanding applications.

The lithium system is easily connected to the vehicles exiting starting battery. A booster charger device uses the starting battery as a buffer. The surplus energy generated from the generator during the engine operation is stored in a lithium battery pack (the consumption battery). An inverter-charger unit delivers 230VAC for consumption and also charges the entire system to full capacity, including the starting battery when connected to a 230VAC grid.

A five times lighter and significantly reduced system is not the only physical benefits. Also the location of the individual battery cells provides flexible and optimal installation conditions. A lithium battery offers 10 times more charge and discharge cycles on average and this could very well be increased as the system is not aged and degraded the same way as lead technology.

The Battery Management System (BMS) controller is the entire systems heart and intelligence. The BMS checks the starter- and consumption battery (charge-flows, characteristics, statistics and so on) booster, inverter-charger, and therefore acts as the main center of the entire circuit. The Battery Management System can provide external displays with voltage alerts, temperatures, remaining battery capacity, timer setups as well as additional features.

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About Clayton Power

Clayton Power was founded in the late 1990s in Denmark. The company is known for creating modern power solutions for industrial and leisure-based use of mobile power, UPS (uninterruptible power supply) and backup power systems. Clayton Power has a range of robust and very compact line-card cover power products to include DC/AC power inverter technology, such as True or Pure Sine Wave Inverters, Combi (Power inverter/chargers) and battery management (BMS) for Lithium Battery Technology Systems.

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