Missouri School District Upgrades Facility, Saves Energy

The Morgan County School district in Stover, Mo., is completing a $1.5 million project to improve operations, comfort and efficiency in its schools. TAC by Schneider Electric, the building management and energy services business of Schneider Electric, implemented the work as a performance contract.

The Morgan County R-I School district located in Stover, Mo., is completing $1.5 million in facility enhancements designed to improve operations, comfort and efficiency in its 112,000-square-foot school facility. TAC by Schneider Electric, the building management and energy services business of Schneider Electric, implemented the work as a performance contract with the district.

Located in central Missouri and serving 739 students, the Morgan County R-I School district educates its K -12 grade students in three schools co-located in a single building. The district turned to TAC to resolve a number of problems with the facility, including the lack of air conditioning in the gym, cafeteria, and kitchen; an antiquated boiler system; outdated and insufficient lighting; and limited electrical capacity.

"We want to create the most comfortable and efficient working/learning environment for our students and we required a company that we could trust to be our partner and show us the best solution for the buildings and know how to get it done," said Tom Wales, superintendent, Morgan County R-I Schools. "Because TAC is not tied to any mechanical manufacturer, they provided the best systems for the buildings from objective engineers and backed it up with performance engineering to ensure the buildings will be as comfortable and efficient as possible. Best of all, the financing mechanism will spread the cost out as opposed to requiring us to raise taxes or deplete fund balances."

Performance contracting offers many long-term benefits for school districts, such as improved facility efficiency, occupant comfort, financial management and environmental protection. Typically, new, more efficient equipment and upgraded facility automation systems maximize energy efficiency and generate utility savings.

To balance the extra energy usage that will result form the addition of air conditioning in the gym, cafeteria and kitchen, TAC implemented a variety of energy conservation measures (ECMs) at the Morgan County school building. These included a complete lighting retrofit and upgrades to the gym lighting; replacing mechanical and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment; electrical upgrades; and installing a web accessible energy management system. As a result, even with the addition of air conditioning to three large spaces, the district's energy bills will decrease as compared to pre-retrofit conditions.

TAC has also enhanced security in the school. Previously, the cameras the district had in place could not see in the dark. To resolve the problem, TAC provided occupancy sensors in hallways. Now, if someone enters the building at night, the lights will come on and the camera will be able to identify intruders.

"The installation phase progressed ahead of schedule, and we are pleased that the district will be able to have air conditioning in the gymnasium for graduation, which is very beneficial to the client and the community," said Shon Anderson, vice president of sales, TAC Energy Solutions. "TAC was able to provide enough energy savings to make it possible for Morgan County schools to add the air conditioning they wanted in their building. It was very important to them that their students have the optimum learning environment, and we worked hard to make that possible."

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