Introducing New Integrated Inverter/Charger System

Silent Power Introduces the SP4024 Integrated Inverter/Charger System

BAXTER, Minn. - Silent Power introduces its SP4024 Integrated Inverter/ Charger System designed to convert DC power from renewable resources to a pure AC sine wave, which is ideal for homeowners who live in off-grid areas. The 4,000 watt capacity all-in-one system is certified to UL1741 and CSA standards and features significant innovations new to the industry; it is contained, clean, compact and comfortable for everyone who uses it.

The SP4024 is a self-contained unit, which makes it quick and simple to install and use. The advanced design combines high-frequency, lightweight inverter technology to provide picture perfect AC power with a patented high-surge capability, all in one sleek cabinet enclosure. Because of the inclusive design, there is no need to purchase expensive add-on features - the SP4024 already contains everything a homeowner needs, including a generator AC disconnect breaker, DC disconnect breaker, DC current shunt, remote user interface, sophisticated generator start controller and accommodation for charge controller breakers/GFI.

The proprietary GenClean' design cleans and regulates generator power for a true uninterruptible power supply operation. The features of the SP4024 lessen the requirements of the backup generator by conditioning all generator power and handling electric motor and pump surge loads from battery reserve instead of the generator.

Weighing only 56 pounds, the SP4024 is easily portable and fits on standard 16-inch studs. Much smaller than other inverters in the market, the SP4024 measures 17 inches wide by 25 inches high and 10.5 inches deep.

With its intuitive design, the SP4024 is a cinch to operate for even the most technical-challenged homeowners. The simplicity of the design makes it is easy to monitor performance and understand the clear menu selections. The exceptionally quiet operation of the SP4024 is devoid of the typical 60-cycle hum that exists with other inverters.

The SP4024 Integrated Inverter/Charger System inverts DC power generated from wind, the sun or other renewable resources into AC power. As a result, it minimizes the total cost of ownership while maximizing the renewable energy harvest by combining numerous functions into one integrated package.

"In a typical off-grid installation, a customer would have numerous electrical devices mounted on a wall to comprise a complete inverter/charger system. Silent Power has taken many of these items and put them into a single, compact, integrated enclosure," says Silent Power Executive Vice President John Frederick. "In addition, our GenClean' technology conditions all generator power before it enters the home - a significant first in the industry."

Silent Power, Inc. is a Baxter, Minn.-based manufacturer of smart grid solutions and power inverters for the renewable energy, backup power and electric utility markets. Through partnerships with utility companies, Silent Power's mission is to make a lasting impact on energy consumption in North America and beyond by increasing the efficiency of the grid and empowering consumers to track and reduce their energy use. Silent Power also sells a battery backup system and a home energy appliance for electric utility companies to more efficiently integrate renewable energy into the grid.

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