EnerWorks Introduces Direct Solar Water Heating Appliances

EnerWorks will showcase a number of new products at the upcoming Intersolar North America show in San Francisco, California. Among these is the new line of Focus Solar Water Heating Appliances.

EnerWorks will showcase a number of new products at the upcoming Intersolar North America show in San Francisco, California. Among these is the new line of Focus Solar Water Heating Appliances. The Focus line includes residential and commercial water-based appliances that offer a direct and efficient way to heat water in climates where there is no risk of freezing. Rather than a freeze-protected fluid, potable water runs through the roof- or rack-mounted collectors, directly absorbing heat from the sun.

In most of North America, temperatures periodically drop below freezing. As it only takes one freeze event during the 20+ years of product life to destroy a water-based system, EnerWorks will continue to sell its Spectrum line of all-climate solar water heating solutions throughout North America. With the Spectrum system, a food-grade, freeze-protected fluid runs through the collectors, ensuring no risk of system damage due to freeze events.

"With the development of the Focus line of innovative solutions, EnerWorks has responded to the demand for a direct water-based system specifically for use in the Caribbean, Hawaii and other tropical climates," says Tony Ali, EnerWorks VP Sales & Marketing. "Through our distributor, Green Ventures Bermuda and their extensive dealer network, we have begun sales and installation of the Focus Pre-Heat Appliance in Bermuda and are quickly expanding to the Bahamas and other islands."

The Focus Appliances are available with one or two EnerWorks HeatSafe Collectors - low-profile roof- or rack-mounted collectors which resemble skylights and have patented overheat protection to prevent stagnation during times of low or no hot water usage. They are available as a Pre-Heat or Single Tank appliance depending upon hot water needs and site parameters. Top to bottom, the Focus Solar Water Heating Appliances have been designed specifically for residential and small commercial applications, and will be appropriately sized and oriented during installation to optimize solar energy capture.

Intersolar North America takes place July 14 to 16, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA. EnerWorks will be showing the new Focus appliance as well as other residential, commercial and industrial solar thermal solutions from their existing product line in booth 9517.

About EnerWorks
EnerWorks Inc. is a leading North American solar thermal technology provider. With proven, patented technology and certified systems, EnerWorks offers high quality, reliable and cost effective renewable energy solutions to the North American and Caribbean markets.

EnerWorks develops and manufactures proprietary renewable energy appliances for residential, commercial and industrial markets. In the residential market, EnerWorks's Spectrum solar water heating appliances are fully certified, ENERGY STAR® qualified, and the first system to meets CSA international standards. They complement existing water-heating systems and provide users with clean energy and a real reduction in energy costs. In the commercial and industrial markets, EnerWorks is at the forefront of integrated solar thermal solutions, working with local partners to design, install, commission and maintain solar thermal heating and cooling systems.

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