PATHways - New Report Assessing Progress in the Global Hydrogen Industry

The report will provide an in-depth analysis of the state of the global hydrogen economy, centered on PATH partner countries.

Many countries around the world are working to build a clean and secure energy future. Stakeholders of a global hydrogen economy need to understand the developments related to hydrogen energy and current events that are shaping the process. The Partnership for Advancing the Transition to Hydrogen (PATH) has begun to facilitate such an understanding by producing "PATHways: Assessing Progress in the Global Hydrogen Industry."

The report incorporates the perspectives of leaders in the worldwide hydrogen and fuel cell industry, as well as views from leaders in government, education, and related business sectors.

By establishing a broad base of knowledge, this report will accomplish two main objectives:

(1) help existing and emerging leaders expand the commercialization of hydrogen locally and globally; and

(2) educate outside leaders and the public about present and future opportunities for hydrogen energy. The full report is scheduled for release by late 2009.Cover sheet

Proceeding country by country, and region by region, PATH will explore how organizations and governments around the world are supporting the transition to a hydrogen economy, how individuals understand the benefits and risks of hydrogen technology, what practices lead to success, what challenges need to be overcome, and how organizations plan to move forward. The final report will include a set of recommendations for stakeholders.

The Partnership is interviewing hydrogen stakeholders and colleagues from PATH member associations on demonstration projects, research and development activities in their home countries. With permission by those interviewed, PATH is making these discussions available as podcasts, which can be downloaded via PATH's project website. PATH will be releasing the interview podcasts as they proceed on a weekly basis.

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About the National Hydrogen Association

The National Hydrogen Association (NHA) is a partner organization of PATH and the Nation's premier hydrogen trade organization led by over 100 companies dedicated to supporting the transition to hydrogen. Efforts are focused on education and outreach, policy, safety and codes and standards. Since 1989, the NHA has served as a catalyst for information exchange and cooperative projects and continues to provide the setting for mutual support among industry, research and government organizations. Find out more at:

About the Partnership for Advancing the Transition to Hydrogen (PATH)

PATH is a not-for-profit international coalition of hydrogen associations that seeks international cooperation to help advance the transition to hydrogen as a carbon-free energy carrier and a solution to environmental and energy issues. It was established in 2002 in collaboration with the governments and national hydrogen associations of Canada, Japan and the United States. There are currently 16 associations in the Partnership spanning the globe from Europe to East Asia, Australasia, and the Americas.

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