Boots on the Roof Announces Launch of Solar Training Boot Camps

The Solar Energy industry is exploding with opportunity, with an expected 400,000 job openings in 2009 alone.

The Solar Energy industry is exploding with opportunity, with an expected 400,000 job openings in 2009 alone. The prospects for a stable and progressive career in the solar industry are phenomenal, and the launch of a formal training institute will help many fulfill their goals of joining the booming industry.

A recent statement by the Department of Labor Statistics confirms that solar installers are in the biggest demand, with a 9% projected growth rate. Thanks to places like California, Oregon and Texas -states dedicated to green building and the USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council) standards - there is a large possibility of this projection to rise above expected values. As a case in point, one of the largest commercial solar installations was completed in San Francisco, California at the beginning of 2009. A major achievement of the solar power industry, this installation encompasses 1,500 solar panels and four commercial buildings; it will provide approximately 60% of the buildings' yearly power, an average of 385 Megawatts. Due to the success of the installation, many businesses in San Francisco are realizing the benefits of using solar power - a contributing factor to the labor statistics.

Unfortunately, the solar industry is ill prepared for a large jump in solar production demand. When sustainable energy was little more than a budding idea, several individuals were trained as an extension of related positions, such as electricians and roofers. Now many of those individuals have reached retirement age and the lack of trained personnel is becoming apparent. Although others take their place, it hasn't been enough to meet the age-old laws of supply and demand.

To resolve the widening gap in supply and demand for the solar labor market, Boots on the Roof, has launched its Solar Education division. The Boots on the Roof team, which already has a 16-year track record of successfully collaborating with large organizations on a national scale, developed an interest in green energy several years ago - solar power, in particular. After dedicating the last few years to charting out the territory for its distinguished Solar programs, they are proud to launch the market ready solar training programs targeted at General Contractors, Licensed Electricians, Solar Energy Entrepreneurs and other business professionals in the renewable energy sector.

"Things are changing rapidly now," said Navraj Bawa, Executive Vice President. "Everything is moving towards standards and certification. We're proud to be a part of it."

Boots on the Roof is now an approved NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) testing center for the Entry Level Certificate of Knowledge of PV Systems exam. It provides, "boot camp style", instructor-led solar training programs for solar energy professionals at their California, Philadelphia, Portland and other nationwide locations. Their two-day, six-day and four-day solar panel training courses haven't had an empty seat yet with students flying in to its locations to train through Boots hands-on teaching style.

"The important thing to understand," said Navraj Bawa, Executive Vice President, "is that solar panel installation isn't conducive to a 'do-it-yourself' technique. People need to be aware that they're dealing with energy, with electricity, an unforgiving element. To be able to harness the immense opportunities in the solar energy sector, the most efficient method would be to partake of training from a reputed solar school such as Boots."

For more information on the Boots on the Roof training programs, classes and schedules, please visit Boots on the Roof

About Boots on the Roof:
Boots on the Roof, a reputed solar school, delivers top-quality market-ready training programs for solar energy industry professionals. The Boots team has a 16-year track record of successfully partnering with large organizations to train tens of thousands of students nationwide.

About Unitek Education:
Unitek Education excels in providing need-based IT training and certifications to corporate clients and IT professionals. Its strong focus on quality and customer service has been crucial to Unitek's success. This focus has helped Unitek expand its client base to all 50 US states and over 40 countries worldwide. Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley in sunny California, Unitek offers IT training to thousands of clients nationwide. Unitek is the only IT training vendor in the United States that has achieved the dual status of Microsoft Gold partner for Learning Solutions (Gold CPLS) and Cisco Learning Partner (CLP). Unitek is also an award-winning Citrix Authorized learning Center (CALC) and a NetApp Learning Partner. Microsoft, CompTIA, RedHat and CRN have also recognized Unitek with Partner of the Year awards.

Navraj Bawa, Executive Vice President, (510) 249-1060, 4670 Auto Mall Parkway, Fremont, CA 94538

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