Sol Unveils New, Off-Grid Oasys™ Shelter LED Lighting Solution

Solar Powered Oasys™ Sets New Standard in Shelter LIghting

Palm City, Fl. — Sol, Inc. the world leader in solar powered LED outdoor lighting is proud to release a new, off-grid, LED shelter lighting product. Sol's solar-powered Oasys™ sets a new standard in sustainable, energy efficient shelter lighting.

The Oasys™ shelter LED lighting system integrates an LED fixture, energy storage and lighting controller into one unit allowing for quick and easy installation in any type of shelter or gazebo.

"The Oasys™ was designed based on customer requests for a solar lighting solution for larger shelters and smaller remote buildings." said Audwin Cash, VP of Engineering. "Additionally, because Oasys™ is solar powered and easy to install, it has zero electrical costs and minimal installation costs and enables customers to install it anywhere."

Sol recently completed trial installations in several North American markets, proving that Oasys™ provides enhanced security lighting for shelters in any location.

Oasys™ has additional advantages:
• Uniform LED brilliance. Compared with fluorescent bulbs, Oasys™ LEDs provides a brighter white light that improves visibility and safety for visitors, guests and staff. Oasys™ is available in several color and configurations to match most shelters.
• Easy to install. Oasys™ is strictly plug-and-play with no additional wiring, which means very low labor and assembly costs.
• Built to endure. Designed for new and retrofit projects, Sol offers an industry-leading, 5-year warranty for the Oasys™. Plus, Oasys™ is vandal-resistant, with tamper resistant hardware.
• Energy efficient. Oasys™ is powered by the sun, which means there are no energy bills.
• Maintenance free. Oasys™, made with rugged marine-grade aluminum housing with a powder coat finish. The LEDs last up to 70,000 hours (LM70), which is 20+ years of brilliant performance.
• Sustainable. Oasys™ systems can be installed in remote or environmentally sensitive locations, wherever desired or required, with no trenching or hardwiring. There is no risk of hazardous disposal.

About Sol, Inc. – Sol is the world leader in solar LED outdoor lighting solutions with over 38,000 systems installed in more than 60 countries on six continents. Since 1990, Sol has introduced innovative, reliable and cost-effective solar lighting systems that provide unsurpassed levels of illumination and reliability. Sol develops, manufactures and markets commercial/industrial-grade solar powered and energy efficient lighting systems for a wide range of lighting applications including area and security, street and roadways, sign and billboards and transit and shelter lighting. Sol is ISO 9001:2000 certified and committed to superior design, manufacturing, and customer satisfaction.

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