Energy Technologies, Inc and Utilis USA, LLC Team to Provide Hybrid Energy Shelter Solutions

The management of Energy Technologies, Inc and Utilis USA, LLC recognized the complimentary synergies of their product offerings and has teamed to provide tactical shelter solutions that incorporate Hybrid Energy Technologies™ including solar, wind, fuel cells and batteries in a Micro Grid approach.

Utilis USA manufactures unique deployable shelter systems with several advantages over existing designs including rapid deployment and setup. These features have resulted in Utilis receiving major contract awards from the defense industry. Energy Technologies, Inc. (ETI) has been manufacturing power equipment for the defense industry with their products being the standard for hundreds of military programs. The management of the two companies recognized the complimentary synergies of the product offerings and has teamed to jointly market their products as a total solution for tactical shelters.

This solution not only offers a superior Utilis shelter design, but can now also be offered with ETI's:
• Solar Power generation utilizing shelter surfaces or surrounding terrain
• Wind Power generation when additional power is required beyond solar
• Battery Modules and Battery Management Systems to store wind and solar energy for 24-7 utilization
• Portable Sinewave Inverters to produce Computer-Grade AC from vehicles or the solar/wind sources
• Modular Environmental Control Units better sized to heat or cool shelter modules
• Modular Diesel or Fuel Cell Power Plants for larger load applications
• Micro Grid controllers to intelligently manage all of the power sources, energy storage and load requirements based on operational priorities
• High-efficiency area and task lighting

By using solar and wind energy sources, fuel logistics are reduced or eliminated for electrical power production. In addition, their operation is nearly stealth with little or no heat signature or audible noise. The excess energy produced is stored into light-weight, high-performance battery modules for use when needed. The electrical and electronic loads can be AC or DC with the addition of the sinewave inverters. The entire electrical production, storage and utilization is managed via a smart micro grid controller to insure energy is not wasted and high-priotiy loads are always served.

By incorporating the solar paneling into the shelter fly, not only is available space utilized for energy production, but the fly becomes a better thermal insulator reducing the heating or cooling requirements of the shelter. Using modular ECUs (environmental control units) that are better sized for the shelter modules reduces overall energy consumption while providing better air circulation within individual shelter sections. Thus with this eco-energy approach, an encampment can be energy independent and nearly stealth.

The total solution also includes reduced energy usage for area and task lighting. Utilizing the latest technology in high-efficiency LEDs, only 9 watts of energy is needed to replace the equivalent of a 100 watt light bulb. These are made up into rugged lighting panels for use either inside or outside the shelter.

Utilis and ETI have setup a special website to illustrate the total shelter solution at or additional information can be requested via email at or

Energy Technologies, Inc.
Founded in 1991, Energy Technologies, Inc. has become the leader in rugged power products with their field-proven, highly-reliable and cost effective designs. Utilized in tens of thousands of installations wordwide, these product solutions cover the production, conditioning, storage and control of AC and DC power for a wide range of environments. These rugged products meet the demands and rigors of defense, government, industrial, medical and telecommunications sectors.

Mobile applications include shelters, vehicles, shipboard, submarine, aircraft and field deployment. Stationary applications consist of permanent or temporay facilities, factories, process plants, utilities, networks, even offshore platforms and desert pipelines installations.

The PowerStation™ and Military Power® (COTS and MilSPec) lines are comprised of intelligent UPS, power distribution units, frequency converters, and battery systems. The intelligent features include the ability to monitor and control the equipment and their loads via local and/or remote interfaces such as SNMP and HTTP. WorldPower™ versions operate from all voltages and frequencies worldwide including aircraft or vehicular power.

The TacticalPower® series includes deployable inverters, converters, and global UPS that operate from either vehicle DC or whatever AC is locally available. The Tactical Generator® line includes lighter weight, deployable generators and packaged power plants. Tactical Fuel Cells® include complete portable power systems that replace traditional generator sets that are heavier and noisier. Tactical Office™ systems include modular/deployable field-office desks with built-in power conditioning/backup plus Tactical Computer Workstations® and Tactical Task Lighting™. Operating from available AC or DC power sources, the Tactical ECU™ units provide heating and cooling for shelters and/or equipment enclosures.

The Tactical Solar® family consists of high-performance solar panels that are both rugged and flexible, charge controllers, battery modules and complete solar power solutions for hostile environments. The solar panels configurations include foldable blankets and shelter flies. Tactical Wind Turbines™ are light-weight, easily setup power sources that can run independently or as a hybrid system with the solar. These turbines are designed to operate in minimal wind conditions. The Tactical Micro Grid™ pulls all of this together with an intelligent controller managing the various power sources, energy storage devices and equipment loads to maximize performance and economy for the given priorities.

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