AC Solar Technology introduces Blue Leaf 210W AC module

AC Solar Technology Incorporated is pleased to announce the introduction of their Blue Leaf 210W AC module. Each Blue Leaf AC module has a grid-tied inverter and AC junction box factory installed and generates AC electricity.

Bend, Oregon, October 23, 2009 - AC Solar Technology Incorporated is pleased to announce the introduction of their Blue Leaf 210W AC module. Each Blue Leaf AC module has a grid-tied inverter and AC junction box factory installed and generates AC electricity. The system uses no DC wire or DC components and is entirely AC from the module to the grid.

AC Solar Technology will have their Blue Leaf AC modules working at an offsite location during Solar Power International, October 27 to 29 in Anaheim and invite those interested in a demonstration to contact the company to schedule an appointment.

Blue Leaf products will be available in custom tailored kits that include AC electrical components and mounting systems, or in bulk packs with AC modules only. Blue Leaf products will be manufactured in AC Solar Technology's facility and will carry the made in U.S.A. label. Orders are being accepted for shipment starting in Q1-2010.

"Alternating Current PhotoVoltaic (ACPV) modules are a natural evolution in solar electric system development and offer many advantages over current solar electric solutions" says Glenn Harris, CEO of AC Solar Technology. "Each Blue Leaf AC module is a
complete solar electric system. Consumers can start with one Blue Leaf AC module and expand their solar system whenever they choose. AC modules radically reduce the initial price barrier of solar electric systems and will cost less on a per watt basis."

Blue Leaf AC modules will help expand solar electric markets and open new channels of distribution throughout the United States. AC modules also qualify for the 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit available to individuals, businesses and utilities now in place through 2016.

Solar electric system design and installation is simple with Blue Leaf AC modules. Electricians and other trades will require much less training compared to current solar electric systems, enabling a national work force that can quickly support mass market adoption.

AC Solar Technology's inverter partner is Exeltech Incorporated, the only TL9000 inverter manufacturer in the United States. The company has manufactured over 150,000 pure sine wave inverters in their 20 year history. Exeltech's highly reliable inverters are used in mission critical applications such as nuclear facilities, 911 emergency systems, aviation, NASA and the military. "We chose to partner with AC Solar Technology because of their team's deep understanding of the solar industry and their access to new distribution channels" says Gary Chemelewski, President of Exeltech. "We share a common vision and commitment to developing national solar markets and to accelerating consumer adoption of solar electricity through the use of our high performance micro inverters."

AC modules have been anticipated for many years. Section 690 of the National Electric Code (NEC) describes them as complete environmentally sealed units designed to generate AC power when exposed to sunlight. The NEC also describes the applicable wiring methodology and exempts AC modules from DC source circuit requirements. To ensure safety, Blue Leaf tm AC modules require listing to both UL1703 and UL1741 standards. Blue Leaf products will carry a ten year workmanship and 25 year power output warranty.

"Blue Leaf AC module reliability and system efficiency compare very favorably with today's solar technologies," says David Devir, VP of Technology at AC Solar Technology. "Our inverters have been under sun since 2005 and have shown impressive energy harvest in a variety of environmental conditions."

About AC Solar Technology Incorporated

AC Solar Technology is a privately held corporation located in Bend, Oregon and is founded by a team of solar industry veterans and business executives. The company's objective is to increase the adoption of solar electricity in North America by providing simple, reliable and cost effective AC solar systems.

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About EXELTECH Incorporated

EXELTECH was founded in 1990, based on the philosophy that efficiencies in the manufacturing process through product design, coordinated with facility layout, was paramount to productivity and the key to a quality product. Exeltech's mission is to provide leadership in electronics and superior customer service through the merging of innovative designs with advanced manufacturing technology.

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Kevin Parsons

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