iGo Debuts New Line of Eco-Friendly Power Management Products

Products Reduce Vampire Power to Protect the Environment and Save Money

SCOTTSDALE, AZ—October 27, 2009- With more consumers looking for smart and easy ways to protect the environment and save money, iGo® (Nasdaq: IGOI), the leading provider of green power management solutions, has launched three new power products featuring iGo's proprietary and patent-pending iGo Green™ Technology. Using 85% less standby power than standard power management products, the eco-friendly products featuring green technology include the first-ever green laptop charger, a four receptacle wall outlet and the only eight-outlet automatic recovery surge protector on the market.

Vampire Power, or the energy drawn from electronics that are plugged in but not in use, drains and wastes 10 billion dollars annually in the U.S. alone. The iGo Green Technology line detects when a device is not in use and shuts off the power drawn—eliminating vampire power and helping consumers conserve resources. Then, the iGo green products automatically power back up when it detects that energy is needed again.

"Whether we realize it or not, electronic devices continue to draw precious power from the wall, even if the device is not in use," said Michael D. Heil, president and chief executive officer of iGo. "While it's impractical for consumers to unplug their devices every time they are not being used, iGo Green Technology products make it easy for consumers by automatically reducing the standby power that each device draws."

iGo Green Technology, which exceeds Energy Star standards, could have saved U.S. consumers more than $300 million last year. Available at www.iGo.com, iGo Green Technology products include:

Power Smart Tower with iGo Green Technology (MSRP $79.99)
• Power Savings: While four of the outlets feature iGo Green Technology to reduce Vampire Power, the green surge protector comes with four "always on" outlets for devices requiring continuous power, such as medical equipment or an alarm clock.
• Functionality: Four fixed and four rotating outlets accommodate various types of plugs, while an instant wake-up button is included to immediately power the outlets with iGo Green Technology. The green surge protector also features two USB ports to charge mobile devices.
• Design: Tower-style, black and green design looks clean and has a convenient cable organizer to cut down on clutter while conveniently fitting on countertops or desks.

Power Smart Wall with iGo Green Technology (MSRP $29.99)
• Power Savings: Alongside two outlets with iGo Green Technology, two "always on" outlets are included for devices requiring continuous power.
• Functionality: An instant wake-up button immediately powers up the outlets with iGo Green Technology.
• Design: A wall-mounted design makes it ideal for home, office and/or kitchen use.

Laptop Charger with iGo Green Technology (MSRP $99.99)
• Power Savings: Only uses the precise amount of energy needed to charge the laptop so that laptops can be plugged in without drawing unneeded energy, which can shorten the lifespan of a battery.
• Functionality: Compatible with most popular laptops, the laptop charger also comes with a USB cable to charge a mobile device, allowing users to charge two devices from one charger at the same time. The laptop charger works worldwide without the need for a separate voltage converter.
• Design: This sleek laptop charger has a slim profile, measures only 16.5 millimeters, which is thinner than a regular deck of cards.

For more information about iGo Green Technology Products, please visit www.iGo.com and for more information on Vampire Power visit www.VampirePowerSucks.com

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