Mid-Scale Turbines to be Manufactured in New Hampshire

Aeronautica Windpower has teamed up with Goss International to build 225kW and 750kW wind turbines at the 500,000 sf Goss facility in Durham, New Hampshire. Orders are being accepted for Q2'10 deliveries. Aeronautica services the North American mid-scale market. Contact 800-360-0132 for sales info.

Mid-Scale Turbines to be Manufactured in New England

Aeronautica Windpower has selected Goss International to produce the nacelles for mid-scale wind turbines it markets for Community Wind, commercial, industrial and other uses.

Goss International, which also manufactures some of the world's most productive printing presses, expects to produce more than 100 nacelles annually at its facility in Durham, New Hampshire for Aeronautica using the licensed designs of the proven Norwin A/S 225 kilowatt and 750 kilowatt turbines.

Aeronautica is based in Plymouth, Massachusetts and has an exclusive license to manufacture and distribute the Norwin turbines for the North American and the Caribbean markets. Norwin, an established supplier of wind turbines for more than 20 years, is headquartered in Denmark.

The nacelle assembly is the portion of the wind turbine at the top of the tower where the wind energy is captured and converted to electricity.

"This agreement with Goss International gives us a reliable strategic relationship with a proven track record in manufacturing these types of precision electromechanical components for commercial, municipal and industrial applications," explains Aeronautica Windpower president Jeff Warren. "The organization in New Hampshire has the expertise, the resources and the sophisticated infrastructure in place to manage the entire manufacturing process and meet the highest quality standards."

Warren says manufacturing the proven Danish Norwin turbines in the United States will provide reliability and cost advantages with faster availability for customers in North America and the Caribbean.

Goss International will begin producing the nacelles in November for turbines that will ship in the spring of 2010. Using their proven experience in effective sourcing and advanced assembly techniques Goss International will work together with Aeronautica and Norwin to produce the large nacelle assemblies using parts and materials from both domestic and international sources.

Goss International CEO Jochen Meissner says the agreement with Aeronautica Windpower provides an excellent opportunity to extend his company's diverse manufacturing capacity into a growing sector. "This project is a good fit for the core competencies we have in engineering, machining and assembling high-tech industrial equipment," according to Meissner. Meissner continued "I am confident that our highly skilled staff will work well with the Aeronautica team to produce the best mid-scale wind turbines available in the market."

Aeronautica Windpower manufactures and markets mid-scale commercial and industrial wind turbines for supplying clean electricity to schools and other municipal buildings, commercial facilities, industrial parks, farms, ranches, neighborhoods, or smaller wind parks of between two and five megawatts in size.

Goss International has manufacturing facilities in America, France, The Netherlands and Japan and a joint venture operation in China. The company specializes in producing high-precision electromechanical systems, including Goss web offset printing presses and finishing systems for newspapers, magazines and other higher-volume print applications.

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