The Go-Ped Pro-Ped: Finally A Green, Clean, Propane Gas Scooter announces the addition of the eco-friendly Go-Ped Pro-Ped Propane Powered Stand-Up Gas Scooter to its line up. The GoPed Pro-Ped is unique in that it's the only stand-up gas scooter green enough to be legal for sale in California. is pleased to announce the addition of the environmentally friendly Go-Ped Pro-Ped Propane Powered Stand-Up Gas Scooter to its product line up. The Pro-Ped is unique in that it's the only stand-up gas scooter that passes California's strict C.A.R.B. emissions laws. When getting your electricity from coal powered sources, the Pro-Ped is arguably as eco-friendly as comparable electric scooters, but only a fraction of the weight and cost. This revolutionary propane powered scooter is built for commuters and fun-seekers who want to bypass the price at the pump along with the damaging environmental impact of oil.

The GoPed Pro-Ped is solid, super reliable, efficient, quiet and easy to maintain. The high quality, heavy duty steel frame can carry 400 lbs. The ride is smooth, steady and stable. The GoPed GSR Pro-Ped's LEHR engine won Popular Mechanics 2009 "10 Most Brilliant Products Breakthrough Award." It generates 97% fewer particulates, and 96% fewer carcinogens than standard four-stroke gas scooter engines. Propane canisters are easy to install and found at local hardware and camping stores. Installation is as easy as "Twist and Go!"

US based Patmont Motor Werks, aka Go-Ped, launched the motorized scooter craze 20 years ago and continue to deliver the highest quality, most innovative scooting machines on the market. Go-Ped has once again raised the bar with the GoPed Pro-Ped gas scooter!


SPEED: 21 mph
RANGE: 20 miles. That's 156 mpg!
MOTOR: 25cc, 1 horsepower, propane powered four stroke gas scooter engine, made by LEHR Inc.
FRAME: Patented heavy duty, light weight, 4130 Chromoly aircraft high quality steel frame and single sided fork.
START METHOD: Pull start.
DRIVE SYSTEM: Centrifugal clutch, variable speed trigger throttle.
FUEL TYPE: Propane.
BRAKES: Front Caliper to tire sidewall / engine compression.
DIMENSIONS: Length 35", Width 16", Height 37.75".
DRY WEIGHT: 25.5 lbs.
TIRES: 6" Go-Active solid rubber tires. Mach 12 reinforced high impact polymer rims.
GO-PED WARRANTY: 90 day manufacturer's warranty with a 2 year warranty on the frame.

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