Alpha Energy Installs Solar Power System on Arizona Game & Fish Headquarters

Alpha Energy incorporats the latest innovations into the Solar Power system atop the Arizona Game & Fish headquarters on the Carefree Highway in Phoenix.

Phoenix, Ariz., November 23, 2009 - Located at 1628 West Williams Drive, Alpha Energy, a member of worldwide power systems provider The Alpha Group, incorporated the latest innovations into the Solar Power system atop the Arizona Game & Fish headquarters on the Carefree Highway in Phoenix. With ballasted roof-mount racking, web-based weather and performance monitoring, and Power Purchase Agreement financing, this new 191 kilowatt system is an ideal example of complete cooperation among the integrator, financer and customer.

"This is a great example of facilities and system integrators working together to make large-scale solar power a reality," said Drew Zogby, President and COO of Alpha Technologies. "The Arizona Game & Fish department knew they wanted to achieve the highest level of LEED certification, and with this solar power system providing 17% of their annual power needs Alpha helped them reach Platinum LEED status. By incorporating our 30 years of power system experience, we were able to provide the most reliable and efficient system available."

Commissioned in September 2009, the 191 kilowatt grid-tied solar power system on the Arizona Game & Fish headquarters includes more than one thousand roof-mounted solar modules. The system will generate more than 297,500 kilowatt hours per year, which is roughly the amount required to power 21 homes. The resulting CO2 offset of 358,282lbs is equivalent to preventing the annual emissions of more than 30 cars.

The innovative roof-mount ballasted approach provides a zero-roof penetration system to maximize longevity and reduce lifecycle roofing costs. The system's web-interface for weather and performance monitoring features auto-alerts to help ensure optimal performance at all times. Through a Power Purchase Agreement, the Arizona Agency is able to take advantage of the power generated from the sun without the cost or burden of purchasing the system outright. The agency can now enjoy an efficient low-cost alternative to utility power and concentrate on its core business without worrying about system cost and maintenance.

"Working with Alpha Energy has been a very pleasant experience," said Fred Bloom, Chief Engineer for Arizona Game & Fish. "We were on a fairly steep learning curve, trying to understand what our options are, what our role as an owner is and the different financing options. As well, the Arizona Game & Fish department is very aware of its role as a resource agency in the state, and we seek every opportunity to support and participate in being good stewards of our environment. We were just awarded platinum, which is the highest LEED certification available. A large part of that was our commitment to the environment, and the Solar power system is a big part of that."

Alpha Energy, is a full-service engineering and project development company for turnkey renewable energy technologies and photovoltaic systems for commercial, institutional and remote (off-grid) applications. Alpha Energy is a division of Alpha Technologies, a world leading Total Power Solutions provider for more than thirty years. Stop by our Phoenix office on 1628 West Williams Drive or contact us at 602 997 1007. Alpha Energy is a member of The Alpha Group.

The Alpha Group represents a global alliance of independent companies that share a common philosophy - create world-class Total Power Solutions for communication, commercial, industrial and renewable energy markets.

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