Announcing the SunPods Certified Contractor Programô

SunPods partners with contractors to make solar power installation simpler and less expensive.

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 9, 2010 -- SunPods Inc., a company delivering the industry's first factory built-to-order, modular, pre-tested solar array system directly to customer sites, is rolling out the solar industry's first contractor partnership program. SunPods is working to certify the industry's best-qualified contractors to sell and install the best ground mount solar array system on the market today.

SunPods changes the solar contracting equation. With SunPods, the majority of project cost is fixed material cost for equipment, the solar array. Labor costs are reduced to an absolute minimum because there is no on-site assembly or site preparation. SunPods units are delivered pre-assembled and ready to connect. They are self-ballasted, eliminating the need for expensive, time-consuming site preparation such as pouring footings or installing poles.
Labor costs have traditionally been the big unknown factor for a contractor. Labor costs are easier to estimate for a SunPods array because the only required labor is to connect the array to the host power panel. Less labor means reduced project and on-site management. SunPods is also the single source for all solar components and warranties, another time saving benefit.

According to Michael Gumm, EVP and co-founder of SunPods, and former contractor and solar consultant, "The certified contractor program has been established to: reduce the time to estimate solar projects, speed up the permitting process, provide sales support, and provide project finance options. Coming from the contracting business, we understand what contractors need so we are taking the complexity out of solar. Our goal is to provide qualified electrical, general and solar contractors with a more profitable product. Contractors can do more solar jobs with a smaller work force in less time, with less risk."

According to Jonathan Garcia of Signature Solar Design, "I was excited when I saw the opportunity to become a SunPods Certified Contractor. I quoted two installations in the first week because I realized that the total system cost would be less for the customers and my overhead would be less. I could complete the installations faster and with a superior product, so I had the opportunity to support more business than I had previously thought possible."

The SunPods SP-100 and SP-500 reduce installation time and cost, and are available for immediate delivery. SunPods is currently accepting applications to become a SunPods Certified Contractor from contractors in California, Nevada and Arizona, and will be expanding to other states during the year. To find out more about the program please contact SunPods at or go to our website at

About SunPods Inc.
Headquartered in San Jose, California, SunPods is expanding the solar power generation market by delivering modular, self-contained solar arrays. SunPods' units are pre-engineered, pre-manufactured and pre-tested in a rigorous factory setting making them ready to power up on delivery. Corporate headquarters are located at 1922 The Alameda, Suite 214, San Jose, California 95126. Website:

About Signature Solar Design Inc.
Based in Morgan Hill, California, Signature Solar Design offers innovative solutions and custom applications for renewable energy needs. SSD specializes in Built In Photovoltaic (BIPV) and architectural PV that allow solar technologies to be integrated into building structures, such as roofs, skylights, and walls. In addition, SSD designs and offers custom solar structures that add property value by creating a comfortable and aesthetic outdoor living space, and generating electricity. Signature's team of designers and consultants custom tailor each system to fit the individual needs of their clients. Corporate headquarters are located at 16495 Vineyard Blvd, Morgan Hill, California 95037. Website:

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