Solectria Renewables Appoints President to Spearhead Aggressive Growth Plans

Phil Vyhanek will exploit high projected solar industry growth rates to elevate the company to new heights

Solectria Renewables Appoints President to Spearhead Aggressive Growth Plans

Phil Vyhanek will exploit high projected solar industry growth rates to elevate the company to new heights

LAWRENCE, MA April 14, 2010 Solectria Renewables today announced the appointment of Phil Vyhanek to President, a new role that forms a key part of the company's aggressive growth strategy for 2010 and beyond. Mr. Vyhanek joins Solectria Renewables' accomplished management team in the Lawrence, Massachusetts headquarters and will look to further capitalize on the expanding opportunities in the solar power market.

Mr. Vyhanek is a welcome addition to Solectria Renewables' ranks and will focus his efforts on enabling Solectria Renewables to outpace the expected rapid expansion of the industry as the company comes off a strong year of growth in 2009. Spurred-on by surging interests among consumers and businesses to go green', as well as more than $80 billion in clean energy investments through the U.S. government's economic stimulus plan, recent estimates predict that the global solar photovoltaic industry will expand by at least two-and-a-half times over the next five years, with global revenues likely to top $100 billion. Mr. Vyhanek comes to Solectria Renewables after holding senior management roles with Laird Technologies, Cushcraft Corporation and Honeywell where he developed expertise in strategic planning, sales, operations, engineering and finance for technology companies.

Key Facts:
Solectria Renewables posted record growth in 2009, including an 80 percent staff increase to meet demand, and the company endeavours to outpace the solar industry's predicted growth in 2010.
Mr. Vyhanek has experience in building and growing technology companies, having held similar roles at Laird Technologies, Cushcraft Corporation and Honeywell.
As the company's new President, Phil joins Solectria Renewables' management team, which includes Anita Worden, Chairwoman; James Worden, CEO; Michael Zuercher-Martinson, CTO; and Aybike Doganci Crott, COO.

Supporting Quotes:
"As a customer, we have been pleased to see Solectria Renewables strengthening both its product line and its leadership team over the past few years. This move is another strong step forward," said Steve Kaufman, CEO of Alteris Renewables. "I knew Phil when he was an executive at Cushcraft, where he achieved strong results, and so I am excited about him taking on this new role at Solectria Renewables. We look forward to working with him and the Solectria Renewables team in the future."
"It's exciting to join a company, and an industry, that is experiencing such positive change," said Phil Vyhanek, President of Solectria Renewables. "Solectria's wide range of products and devotion to customer service have them well-placed to capitalize on the solar industry's meteoric growth. I'll be looking to strengthen Solectria's strategy, business and support teams and launch the company in to a new stage of development."

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Solectria Renewables, LLC, of Lawrence, Massachusetts is a leader in the development and manufacture of photovoltaic inverters for renewable power applications. Products include inverters that range from 1.8 kW to 500 kW, web-based monitoring equipment and string combiners. Solectria Renewables has a 20-year background in inverters and other electronic power systems for harsh environments.

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