Frost & Sullivan Forecasts Quick Recovery for the European Energy Efficient Lighting Market in 2011

Greater emphasis on energy savings in the lighting sector and new legislation on phasing out inefficient lighting will help the European energy efficient lighting (EEL) market bounce back from negative growth by 2010.

LONDON - 25 January, 2010 - Greater emphasis on energy savings in the lighting sector and new legislation on phasing out inefficient lighting will help the European energy efficient lighting (EEL) market bounce back from negative growth by 2010. As all of Europe switches over to more energy-efficient lighting technology, the mainstream compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), halogen lamps and high growth, light emitting diodes (LED) lamps sectors will see steady growth rates in the years ahead.

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan (, European Energy Efficient Lighting Markets, finds that the markets earned revenues of $1.25 billion in 2009 and estimates this to reach $1.89 billion by 2016.

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"The European EEL market has been boosted by new legislation mandating a shift towards energy efficient lamps as older, more inefficient lighting gets phased out by 2016," says Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst Reka Szanto. "Other supportive legislation and significant technological advances will bolster the market despite the downward pressure exerted by macro-economic factors."

The EU implemented a phase out of inefficient lighting in September 2009, starting with incandescent lamps. This has created considerable opportunity for the use of energy efficient lamps in the residential and, to an extent, the commercial sector. There are also many other EU-wide and national legislations aimed at increasing the share of energy efficient technologies.

Over the last decade, the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive has had a significant pan-European impact. It has resulted in national legislation in France and Germany that support the use of more energy efficient lighting through subsidies and other incentives.

However, the current economic climate means that construction has slowed down across the EU, affecting new lighting sales. Nevertheless, current legislative efforts will ensure that consumers will have little choice but to gradually favour more energy efficient options for lighting.

"The construction slump which began in the EU in 2007 had brought down the lighting market in most regions at the time, and the recession has only exacerbated the situation," states Reka Szanto. "In the short-term, the market will be more dependant on renovation, as new construction activity grinds to a halt."

Economic recovery is expected post 2010, along with an increase in construction efforts. A high level of government support will ensure that the European EEL market is insulated from the worst of the economic recession, with projected high demand in 2010 underpinning a quick recovery in 2011.

"Manufacturers will have to brace themselves for the tough year ahead, and try not to increase costs to the end consumer," advises Frost & Sullivan Analyst Szanto. "This is a crucial time as the technology begins to enter the mainstream, and consumer perception will decide how well the market can sustain itself without legislative support - this will be crucial to promote long term growth."

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