Green Home Energy launches new Solar Power System

Green Home Energy ( today has launched an all new 1.5 kW Solar System with 2 kW Inverter.

Green Home Energy ( today has launched an all new 1.5 kW Solar System with 2 kW Inverter. The Company has decided to sell this product in the market on an upfront price of $1995 only. The discount offer will be applicable for a limited period, though.

Green Home Energy has earned a good name for delivering cost effective Solar Power Systems (Photovoltaic Solar panels) in Australian territories like Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, greater south east Queensland, northern NSW and eastern Seaboard of Australia. Recently the Chief of Electricity Supply Association of Australia and a leading industry Analyst Keith Orchison had stated that "Prices are going to keep going up as far forward as you can look." "The Solar Energy Solutions are a great relief for the domestic consumers who are tired of growing electricity bills" says a representative. To minimize the cost to consumers has also arranged interest free finance to help pay for the purchase and installation of our accredited Solar Power Systems.

The company has been engaged in manufacturing of Solar Energy equipments specializing in Solar Panels for quite some years now and is experienced enough to serve efficient energy solutions to homes and businesses in Australia. It is widely known that harnessing solar energy through Solar Panels serves tremendous cost and eco benefits. Solar energy appliances may cut your electricity bills considerably and reduce your carbon footprint thus ensure better and healthy environment for you and all.

When asked about the technology involved in Solar Power equipments, a Green Home Energy technology specialist explains that the solar energy can be generated and reused anywhere easily. These solar Photovoltaic Cells make up Solar Modules called Solar Panels, made of semiconducting materials like silicon, are mounted on your roof and convert direct sun rays into clean electricity. This is a photovoltaic process. You can use it the way you please. He also cleared that the energy you do not use can be sold back to the grid at a price of over 3 times what you pay for it producing huge savings.
This 1.5kW Solar Panel System with 2kW inverter has been designed by keeping a common Australia home owner in mind. This is sufficient enough to serve your average daily energy requirement. You can even rest assured to have your house saving you money even when others are facing huge energy costs.

The company also provides Solar HotWater and Green Loans solutions to consumers and home owners in Australia. "This is a costlier technology and may not be sold at such low prices" says one of the Green Home Energy marketing personnel, "but for the government incentives which has made these Solar Water Heaters and other Solar Energy Resources affordable" he adds. is also offering FREE Home Sustainability Assessment to receive Green Loans and government rebate advice. The company will guide you on how you can make your home energy efficient and thermally comfortable and at the same time save money. This FREE Home Sustainability Assessment involves thorough physical inspection of major energy and water systems, water heating, lighting, refrigeration, cooking, entertainment, water consumption and waste management system in your home or premises and a customized Assessment Report is then provided to enable you avail interest free Green Loans of upto $10,000 for making your house more energy and water efficient.

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Contact : David Taylor, Owner
Company name: Green Home Energy
Address : Unit 1-14, 2-12 Knobel Ct
Brisbane, Queensland
Australia 4128
Phone No: 1300 449 520

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