OPEL Solar, Inc. and Tecneira, S.A. Launch Partnership with One Megawatt Solar Plant

OPEL Solar, Inc. and Tecneira, S.A. Launch Partnership with One Megawatt Solar Plant Portugal Celebrates Solar Energy Project Award for Concentrating Photovoltaic Technology

Shelton, CT and Toronto, ON, April 20, 2010 - OPEL Solar, Inc., a leading global developer and

supplier of high concentration photovoltaic ("HCPV") solar panels and other solar products, including ground-based and rooftop tracker systems, today announced it has signed an agreement with Tecneira, S.A., the Portugal renewable energy company of the ProCME Group. The companies also announced their first HCPV solar project win.

In mid-March the Portuguese Government had a public ceremony announcing the Country's commitment to renewable energy goals by 2020. As part of the ceremony, headed by the Portuguese Prime Minister, José Sócrates, it was announced that OPEL Solar and Tecneira were awarded in the preliminary phase of projects, a one Megawatt solar concentrating photovoltaic ("CPV") power plant installation. This solar project will be a one megawatt HCPV installation eligible for the Portuguese
feed-in tariff ("FIT") that will provide a guaranteed investment rate of return.

"OPEL Solar is delighted to have the partnership with Tecneira as Portugal aggressively moves into
CPV solar energy," said Robert Pico CEO of OPEL Solar, Inc. "We understand that for the project
award OPEL Solar's technology was viewed as one of the most innovative and utility scalable to
achieve Portugal's solar energy goals for CPV."

"Tecneira believes in the competitive advantages that OPEL Solar's HCPV technology offers our
Company. Putting the HCPV panels on solar trackers will optimize the electrical production for this
solar power plant," said Alda Delgado, CEO of Tecneira, S.A. "We look forward to working with
OPEL Solar on this first installation and other projects in the future."

The one megawatt solar plant will be located in Alqueva in the Moura Region of Southern Portugal, a
prime location for solar development.

OPEL Solar will build the installation with its Mk-I HCPV solar panels mounted on dual axis trackers.
The combination of OPEL's HCPV panels and precision dual axis trackers results in a higher power
production per unit of land (acre/hectare) than silicon or thin film flat panels with a potential to increase photovoltaic yields by up to 40 percent.


About Tecneira, S.A. and ProCME Group
Tecneira, S.A. has its headquarters in Porto Salvo, Portugal. Established in 2001, Tecneira is the
renewable company within the ProCME Group. Its core business is the production of electricity from
renewable power sources and its commercialization and supply to the public electrical grid. Tecneira
focuses on the development of solar photovoltaic, wind farms, biomass, and wave energy projects. The
Company has the main goal of the promotion, development, turnkey construction, managements of
renewable power systems, as well as the operation and maintenance of renewable power plants.
Tecneira considers the use of innovative solar technologies like HCPV vital to solar energy having amajor impact on the future competitive market and rate of return on investments in solar power.
Tecneira develops opportunities in HCPV from microgeneration to large scale utility solar systems.

ProCME Group is comprised of companies developing within the scope of high tech engineering. It is
an organization that is part of the Spanish ACS Group. Presently, it is one of the largest companies in the world with global business in the service and construction areas. ProCME has the ability to perform the installation of every kind of energy power plant, either conventional or renewable energy.

About OPEL Solar, Inc. and OPEL International Inc.
With operations headquartered in Shelton, CT and Toronto, Ontario, Canada, OPEL designs, manufactures and markets high performance concentrating photovoltaic ("HCPV") panels to transform solar energy into electricity for worldwide application. OPEL's high performance photovoltaic concentrating panels generate up to 40 percent more kilowatt-hours than conventional flat plate silicon or thin film solar panels, resulting in more cost-effective electricity generated from the sun. OPEL also markets a complete line of precision dual and single axis solar trackers to mount solar panels for optimum power output. OPEL also designs infrared sensor type products for military and industrial applications.

A leader in gallium arsenide and solar photovoltaic technology, the Company has been awarded 39
patents and has 12 more patents pending. OPEL's common shares trade on the TSX Venture Exchange
under the symbol "OPL". For more information about OPEL Solar, Inc., please visit the Company's
website at www.opelinc.com. OPEL Solar, Inc. is a subsidiary of OPEL International Inc. (TSX-V:

Dated: April 20, 2010
Michel Lafrance, Secretary

For further information:

Pat V. Agudow, Vice President, Public Relations, OPEL Solar, Inc., Tel: (203) 612-2366 Ext 2612, Email: p.agudow@opelinc.com


Bill Blase or Stephanie Kuffner, Media Relations, WT Blase & Associates, Inc., Tel: (212) 221-1079, Email: solar@wtblase.com

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