ODIS Receives Two Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Contracts

"Breakthrough Technologies for Air, Space and Commercial Use"

Shelton, Ct. April 22, 2010 - Following closely to the previous $750,000 Award in January 2010, ODIS Inc. announced today that it has received two additional AFRL Awards for $850,000, totaling $1.6M so far this year.

The first is a $100,000 Award to develop an "Ultra Low Power RAM", a novel memory cell using the ODIS's optoelectronic thyristor within its III-V Planar OptoElectric Technology ("POET"). Very high density and low storage power may be achieved with the cell represented as the cross-point of an array. The memory design will enable it to be fully compatible with integrated optoelectronic CHFET/thyristor logic and optical I/O. Fabricated in radiation hard gallium arsenide ("GaAs"), the structure enables both static and dynamic operation.

ODIS also announced the receipt of a $750,000 Award to develop "Optoelectronic Directional Couplers for Switching Fabric", switching fabric on a single chip is a device technology that is required to enable the coordination and routing of multiple optical input signals to arbitrary multiple output ports without optoelectronic conversation which is essential technology for optical communication switching hubs and routers. Targeted for future military satellite missions, just like the Phase I, it will greatly reduce power requirements and be designed radiation hard.

Relating to the Phase I Award, Dr. Geoff Taylor, Chief Scientist of ODIS Inc., stated, "The digital signal processing and static memory, currently implemented exclusively in CMOS technology have now reached scaling limits in chip size and power. The new memory cell uses the thyristor latching function in the vertical direction to achieve super high density and a power down mode within an inversion channel to achieve ultra-low storage dissipation." Dr. Taylor added, "The commercial opportunity is for memory embedded within processors in next generation floating point gate arrays." Regarding the Phase II Award, Dr. Taylor goes on to say, "ODIS's development of POET as an integrated optoelectronic platform with the capability to realize arrays of in-plane optical switches and the associated optoelectronic routing circuitry, will enable it to meet AFRL's satellite communications technology requirements on a single chip or chipset. Here as well, the OE integration reduces the weight and power of the craft and indicates a pathway to realize the high speed satellite OE systems of the future."

"In my opinion, the receipt of these Awards so closely to the last one indicates that ODIS,
through the use of the patented POET process, is being viewed as having the potential to produce
tremendous cost savings with enhanced capability to the U.S. Air Force and Space Missile Command in future missions," said Leon (Lee) Pierhal, President of ODIS Inc. "Quite significant is the opportunity to address the high density memory market for next generation data processors which is identified to be a huge market as the chip industry pushes Moore's law beyond the limits of Si CMOS into the optoelectronic world. The Phase II technology effort embraces low cost switch architecture and component capability to address the distribution of fiber optic signals for LAN, MAN and WAN applications and for the exploding "Fiber to the Home" commercial market," Pierhal added.

At the heart of this technology is ODIS's new and patented semiconductor fabrication process called POET, which is based on a novel Group III-V materials structure. POET is a patented Group III-V materials system that supports monolithic fabrication of ICs containing active and passive optical elements, together with high-performance analog and digital elements, allowing the economical integration of many optical devices together with dense, high-speed analog and high-speed, low-power digital elements in monolithic ICs.

About ODIS Inc.

ODIS Inc. ("Opel Defense Integrated Systems") is a Delaware Corporation headquartered in Shelton, Connecticut with offices in Rhode Island and its Research and Development facilities located on the campus of the University of Connecticut. ODIS designs communications transceivers, optoelectronic integrated platforms and infrared sensor type products for military and industrial applications.

A leader in gallium arsenide III-V compound structures, the Company has been awarded 32
patents and has 18 more patents pending. For more information about ODIS Inc., please visit

Michael McCoy, Secretary

For Further information:

Leon M. Pierhal, President, ODIS Inc., Tel: (401) 338-1212, Email: leepierhal@aol.com


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