The Genie and compressor life (The Power Saver)

The Genie is a retrofit device designed to aid in the efficiency of operation of an air-cooled air-onditioner. It achieves this through the process of evaporative cooling of incoming air. In relationship to the compressor, it performs many tasks that will aid in its performance and enhance its life.

The Genie and compressor life

The Genie is a retrofit device that is designed to aid in the efficiency of operation of an air -cooled air-conditioner. It achieves this through the process of evaporative cooling of incoming air.

In relationship to the compressor, it performs many tasks that will aid in its performance and enhance its life. A major problem associated with compressor is the stress placed on it due to excess internal heat and high head pressure. The higher the head pressure the greater the possibility of damage to compressor.

Most compressors are well - designed device that works within an operational range of pressure (high and low). In addition most compressors are capable of working at their maximum range for long periods of time. However, it's a known fact that any mechanical device that is operated at their maximum stress point for a period of time will wear out quickly.

The Genie prevents run - away head pressure from occurring due to high outside temperature. Under normal circumstances the Genie will maintain head pressure below maximum operational level, thus saving stress on the compressor and the obvious wear and tear that is associated with it. The compressor is like any other piece of equipment, the less stress that is applied to it the longer it will last.

It is important to note that the Genie makes the compressor to operate within its normal range and never lowers the head pressure to the point that will cause harm to the unit.

The Genie The power saver is an Electrical Control, electrical retrofit device design to tune an inefficient air cool condenser into a highly efficient evaporative cooling system (i.e. similar to the effects of Cooling Tower).


There are many reasons but mainly to increase the efficiency of the system. The more efficient the system, the fewer the problem occur, but mainly it will require less power (money) to run the system.

The term "Cooling Tower" usually apply to large commercial facility which have extremely large Cooling requirement due to over all amount of area that is to be cooled. Their Air-conditioner system use constant volume of water flowing over the condenser to take advantage of the efficiency of the evaporative cooling process. This method until now, it has been impractical to equip the house or small building with "Cooling Tower" simply because of the cost of this type of cooling. We have overcome this bearer with GENIE . The Genie increases the efficiency ratio (cooling/ rupees) of the condenser by upwards of 20% in the average house/ business.

Direct saving are realized through GENIE in the following three ways:-

1. The Compressor will require less current to run because the Cooling refrigerant exhibits less back pressure in the system. Thus, the compressor is no longer striving to perform its task.

2. The continuos air entry in home / business is cooler requiring the Air conditioner to run less.

3. Because the air in the room is cooler, it is also less humid which means the thermostat may be adjusted upwards to take advantage of dryer air to which support comfort due to evaporative cooling of body moisture. Raising the evaporators temperature will result in additional energy saving in the refrigeration Carnot cycle.


The Genie system relies on several laws of Science, in order to perform its task. The Syguru pads, increase the surface area of the falling water film and enhance mixing of air and water contact conducive for effective sensible and evaporative cooling. This cooler air is blown on to the condenser coils which increases the heat transfer coefficient and improves heat transfer efficiency.

Charles & Boyle's law is the relationship of pressure to temperature in gasses. Genie exploits these fundamental laws by lowering the system temperature, which lowers the system pressure. Since the overall operating pressure is lowered, the compressor has less resistance to overcome. Therefore, the compressor is able to perform its task more efficiently, requiring less energy to do so. With evaporative cooling the system is able to absorb heat more effectively, thus, its cooling ability is increased in relationship to the temperature drop.

Genie anatomy:

Genie is made up of several parts. These parts include a metallic enclosure fabrication, a water circulation and auto blow down system, an evaporative media, and a control box, anti-corrosive system etc.

Metal Fabrication :

The Genie is constructed out of galvanized steel duly powder coated for durability. The water tank is specially protected from corrosion by having FRP lining.

Water circulation system :

The Genie uses the state of the art water circulating system. The magnetic float activates the system only when the water level is low. The pump is small, compact, efficient & uses negligible electricity (35W) with minimum maintenance. Its designed to operate solenoid valves controlled with magnetic float switch for hassle free operation. All water carriers like level & distribution tubes are made of non corrosive Plastic.

Evaporative section :

The Genie uses special SyGuru pads, with high efficiency evaporation rate, made of unique honeycomb cellulose paper. The Inflated virgin paper has good strength to support itself. The anti-rot treatment adds additional advantage of longer life. It has self cleaning properties besides having a long life and offers least resistance to air flow.

Control Box :

The Genie does not operate continuously. It operates only when the compressor is on and it is thermostatically protected by unique temper-proof thermostat to safeguard compressor during low ambient condition.

Anti-corrosive system :

The Genie has a galvanized tank that prevents the buildup of scale. It also has a galvanic anode directly in the system. These anodes are designed to control the effect, if any. of galvanic or electrolytic action. It also has an auto flushing device to keep the system clean and replenish the system with fresh water automatically.

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