REMA Launches Voluntary Renewable Energy Coalition (VREC)

New Coalition for Supporters of Renewable Energy Kicks Off with 50 Founding Members

WASHINGTON, DC - Today marked the official launch of the Voluntary Renewable Energy Coalition (VREC), a grassroots coalition of organizations that share a common belief in the importance of the voluntary renewable energy market. The 50 Founding Members of VREC include companies, nonprofits, school districts, and municipal agencies across the United States.

"Voluntary purchases of renewable energy have been a significant driver for the growth of the U.S. renewable energy market," said Jay Carlis, President of the Renewable Energy Markets Association (REMA). "We formed VREC to ensure that policymakers hear from the many companies and nonprofits supportive of the voluntary market for renewable energy."

There is no fee to join VREC and any company or nonprofit is eligible to become a supporter. Members of VREC agree to three basic principles:

1. Voluntary purchases play an important role in increasing the amount of renewable energy nationwide.
2. Reducing greenhouse gases (GHGs) is an important driver of customer decisions to purchase renewable energy products.
3. Policymakers at all levels should protect and preserve the voluntary renewable energy market and associated GHG reductions under legislation or regulations.

"Citizens, organizations, companies, local governments and states need a continuing incentive to do more," said Dan Galpern, Attorney at the Western Environmental Law Center. "Protecting the voluntary market will allow consumers to take additional action secure in the knowledge that such action will lead to actual environmental benefits. We are glad to be a Founding Supporter of this vital new coalition."

Members of VREC will receive opportunities to take action on behalf of the voluntary market and periodic updates on Coalition efforts and activities. More information on how to join can be found at:

"Over the past decade, voluntary markets for renewable energy have been the primary means for consumers, businesses and government agencies to act on the preference for clean power," said Arthur O'Donnell, Executive Director of the Center for Resource Solutions. "While it already has a considerable list of supporters, we look forward to VREC developing into a strong voice for these important voluntary markets."

Founding Supporters:

1. 3Degrees
2. Angel Printing, Inc.
3. Avis Budget Group, Inc.
4. Austin Energy
5. Blue Marble Creative
6. Bonneville Environmental Foundation
7. Boreal & Soda Springs Mountain Resort
8. Carol Jackson, Homeless Housing Consultant
9. Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies
10. Center for Resource Solutions
11. Clean Currents, LLC
12. Community Energy, Inc.
13. Connected Companies
14. Copper Mountain Resort
15. Design Balance LLC
17. Energy Consumers Alliance of New England
18. Fresh Energy
19. Gorgoza
20. Green Mountain Energy
21. InterContinental Hotel
22. Killington Resort & Pico Mountain
23. Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort
24. McHenry County Conservation District
25. Mt. Bachelor
26. Natural Body
27. NextEra Energy Power Marketing
28. Park City Mountain Resort
29. Powdr Corporation
30. QPL,Inc and The Image Group
31. Recycled Paper Printing
32. Reihl Engineering, LLC
33. Renewable Choice Energy
34. Renewable Northwest Project
35. Rocky Mountain Racquet Specialists
36. Shallowater Independent School District
37. SmartPower
39. Solar Energy Industries Association
40. Sony Electronics
41. Sterling Planet
42. Stolze Printing Company Inc.
43. SunPower
44. Suntech America
45. Town of Mansfield
46. Unicoi Energy Services, LLC
47. Union of Concerned Scientists
48. Washington Gas Energy Services
49. Western Environmental Law Center
50. West Chester Borough


About the Voluntary Renewable Energy Coalition (VREC):

The Voluntary Renewable Energy Coalition (VREC) is a group of companies and nonprofit organizations that support the voluntary renewable energy market. VREC supporters believe that any climate or energy legislation should preserve the ability of customers to achieve their environmental goals through voluntary purchases of renewable energy.

About the Renewable Energy Markets Association (REMA):

The Renewable Energy Markets Association (REMA) is a nonprofit trade association dedicated to maintaining and growing a strong voluntary market for renewable energy in the United States. REMA represents organizations that sell, purchase, or promote renewable energy products through voluntary markets. These products include Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), retail green power programs, utility green pricing services, and on-site renewable energy solutions. It engages in education and advocacy efforts on behalf of an industry coalition of renewable energy marketers, utilities, equipment manufacturers, and others supportive of the voluntary market.

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