SunPods Inc. and Project Navigator, Ltd. to Exhibit at the Clean Technology 2010 Expo in Anaheim, CA

SunPods Inc. and Project Navigator, Ltd. will co-exhibit to feature the newest innovation in transforming brownfields and landfills into renewable, solar energy sources.

San Jose, CA - June 16, 2010 - The Clean Technology Conference and Expos is focused on advancements in traditional technologies, emerging technologies and clean business practices applied toward a more sustainable future. Project Navigator, Ltd. and SunPods Inc. will co-exhibit to showcase the newest innovation in transforming brownfields and landfills into renewable, solar energy sources.

SunPods Inc. is a manufacturer of modular, fully integrated and tested solar power generation systems. SunPods is the manufacturer of the industry's first solar PV array system designed specifically for landfills, SOILS (Solar Operational Integrated Landfill System). SunPods' proprietary arrays are uniquely well suited for installation at locations where there is a need to minimize disturbing the soil and where the landscape may change significantly due to settling conditions.

SunPods SOILS is assembled at the factory and delivered fully operational to the landfill. It is non-invasive, self-ballasted and sits on adjustable legs on the surface of the landfill. There are no piers, footings or poles to be constructed on the site that could damage the landfill cap. In addition, the legs are adjustable so the units can be periodically leveled to accommodate ground settling. SOILS is a modular system, which can be configured to produce from 2.5kW to utility scale power farms.

Since the SOILS component arrays are assembled in a factory, installation consists of simply placing the modules at the landfill and connecting them together. Because landfills have been carefully capped to prevent contaminates from leaking, their surfaces are sensitive to the traffic and excavation that has been necessary to install traditional ground mount solar arrays. With SOILS, traffic on the landfill surface is kept to an absolute minimum and no excavation is required. SunPods utilizes the industries' premier components in building SOILS including panels from ET Solar and Suntech and inverters from SMA and Solectria, and other component suppliers that meet the rigorous SunPods standards.

Project Navigator, Ltd. (PNL) is a Brea, California based, leading, privately held environmental engineering firm who has specialty expertise in managing landfills. PNL has an extensive track record of designing and implementing innovative solutions for clients at Los Angeles landfills. Currently, many of these projects include the placement of solar panels on the caps for power generation for the site's own use, or commercial sale.

For over 10 years, PNL's engineers and scientists have formulated and implemented strategies on how to leverage long-term value from landfills which are in their O&M phases. PNL delivers capabilities in the assessment, planning and fully-managed development of solar power projects.

• Distributed PV Solar Project Development
• Small Scale PV Solar Systems (0.5 to 5MW)
• Solar on Urban Brownfield Sites and Landfills
• Site Selection
• Permitting
• Planning

PNL's specialty and focus is on distributed small scale photovoltaic solar power projects on impacted land (Brownfield Sites), which are close to existing transmission capabilities or customer load. This strategic siting and development approach places the solar facilities at the distribution end of the grid, thereby eliminating the need for new transmission lines and expensive and time-consuming environmental studies.

Mary Khoury
SunPods, Inc.
1922 The Alameda, Suite 214
San Jose, CA 95126
Phone: 408-689-2446

Robert Potter
Project Navigator, Ltd.
1 Pointe Dr. Ste 320
Brea, CA 92821
Phone: 714-388-1809

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