Schneider Electric makes being "off-grid" comfortable and efficient

Schneider Electric knows that it isn't just about leading the world in developing, manufacturing power electronic products for renewable markets. It's about the benefits their sophisticated line of products and solutions provide, and the lives that are affected by them, that make the difference.

Burnaby, BC, June 21, 2010 — Schneider Electric's Renewable Energies Business knows that it isn't just about leading the world in developing, manufacturing and marketing advanced power electronic products and systems for renewable markets. It's about the benefits their sophisticated line of products and solutions provide, and the lives that are affected by them, that truly make the difference.

"When you live off the grid everything is different and reliable power delivery is essential," said Rick Dunsmore, Goose Creek Renewable Energy. "We personally live off grid ourselves using the Schneider Electric Xantrex™ XW System so our customers know they can trust whatever we install for them. We have many fantastic off-grid customer success stories as a result of installing Schneider Electric solutions including the Xantrex XW System."

Goose Creek Renewable Energy is a family owned and operated business that provides and installs hybrid renewable energy systems for electrical power. This includes, but is not limited to, wind generation and solar power to remote livestock watering wells or dugouts, telecom communication towers as well as rural and urban residences. Goose Creek Renewable Energy can also augment schools and businesses with solar hot water or the conematic non-condensing boiler systems.

"One of our favorite installations is in Southbank, British Columbia where we installed a Xantrex XW system from our primary supplier, Schneider Electric's Renewable Energies Business," said Rick Dunsmore. "Two years ago we swapped out a complete system from one of Schneider Electric's competitors and replaced it with a stacked Xantrex XW System and the people think we walk on water. Our customer had experienced years of reliability issues with their old system. The reliability of the Xantrex XW System allowed the farm owner to take their first vacation in years as well as saving them $33.00 CAD a day on fuel."

Goose Creek Renewable Energy has also installed systems in some of the largest and most pristine ranches in Western and Central Canada with equal success. At a ranch south of Burns Lake, British Columbia they installed a full Xantrex XW System and reduced their customer's fuel bill by 75 percent.

Goose Creek Renewable Energy uses Schneider Electric inverters and equipment on all of their off-grid applications because the inverters do the job they were designed for," said Rick Dunsmore. "The Xantrex XW system is easy to expand and the system is aesthetically pleasing when fully assembled. Goose Creek Renewable Energy has done so many installations it is hard to quantify but they are very satisfied with Schneider Electric's Renewable Energies Business and have no plans on changing suppliers.

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