Using AWS Truepower's windNavigator® 2.2, Wind Developers Can Obtain 200-Meter Resolution Wind Resource Grids, Long-Term Hourly Resource Profiles, and API Access to Quality Data Sets to Improve all Aspects of Project Design and Assessment

ALBANY, NY—July 13, 2010—AWS Truepower, LLC, an international leader in renewable energy consulting and information services, today announced a new version of its industry-leading wind prospecting and resource analysis application. windNavigator® 2.2 sets a new industry benchmark for on-demand high resolution wind data and allows wind project developers to expedite all aspects of project design and assessment. windNavigator 2.2 supports wind project siting, resource assessment, and now project design and automated business processes, with fast, convenient access to high-quality wind project design data. Users can easily conduct initial project design work including preliminary turbine layouts, initial energy estimates, meteorological tower siting, and more, when they combine windNavigator data sets and wind farm design software to capture a true picture of a site or project area's potential for wind development.

AWS Truepower arms professional wind organizations—from utility-scale project developers to small wind manufacturers—with accurate, science-based intelligence to drive smarter project decisions. Using windNavigator 2.2, developers, manufacturers, dealer networks, wind advocates, academic institutions and government agencies, receive subscription-based access to high-resolution wind data and reports to help them quickly analyze and prioritize business opportunities. The windNavigator application programming interface (API) gives subscribers the ability to "plug in" to windNavigator's wind resource database so they can target, automate and expedite their marketing and sales processes. windNavigator 2.2 also includes hourly resource information for small wind application load assessments and high-quality modeled data for Measure-Correlate-Predict (MCP) analyses.

"The windNavigator API provides our marketing and sales staff with high-quality data to make efficient and informed decisions about leads and opportunities. Using high-resolution, 200-meter wind data in conjunction with our customer relationship management system (CRM) we can prioritize sales opportunities in minutes," said James Jennings, Director of Market Development for Northern Power Systems.

In the case of multi-turbine wind projects, today's increased focus on reducing development cost and timeline has caused project developers with in-house analysts to seek ways to design and analyze project potential much earlier on in the development process. windNavigator is the first web-based application that enables wind project developers to purchase 200-meter resolution wind resource grid (WRG) data. With windNavigator 2.2 wind developers can purchase high-quality data sets online, import them directly into their preferred wind farm design software, and go through multiple iterations on a project layout to better understand energy potential on their own schedule with no wait and no extra cost for iterations.

windNavigator 2.2 includes the following new datasets:

· Wind Resource Grids (WRG200) at 200 meter resolution for GIS-savvy analysts to conduct preliminary project layout and initial energy estimates. Project Design Grids (PDG200) are also delivered with a WRG200 order at no additional charge for use with AWS Truepower's openWind project design software.

· Typical Year Virtual Met Masts (Typical Year VMM), which provide an hourly wind profile for a typical year (8760 hours) to confirm meteorological tower locations, or, as a possible replacement for projects that have development cycles of less than a year and a higher tolerance for uncertainty.

· Long Term Virtual Masts (Long Term VMM), which provide a complete historical (1997-present) hourly wind resource profile for a point location. The Long Term VMM is a valuable data point for projects that do not have high-quality long-term reference station data available for Measure-Correlate-Predict analyses. See Using Simulated Wind Data from a Mesoscale Model in MCP, Taylor el al. (

"In staying true to the precedent set with previous windNavigator releases, windNavigator 2.2 was borne out of direct feedback from our customers." said Bryon Phelps, windNavigator product coordinator, AWS Truepower. "As project development timelines get shorter, and budgets get tighter, it is increasingly important to our customers to have speedy access to high-quality data. windNavigator 2.2 enables our customers to work faster and smarter."

windNavigator is AWS Truepower's primary platform for delivering its information-rich products. Initially released in 2008 as an efficient, user-friendly prospecting and initial wind resource assessment tool, windNavigator quickly became the go-to resource for energy developers and government planners looking to locate and confirm attractive wind development sites.

In response to positive feedback and requests for additional wind assessment products, AWS Truepower developed the windNavigator Siting and Assessment module to support the evolving needs of current users and industry leaders. From small wind installers to utility-scale developers, utilities, manufacturers, government agencies, academic, non-profit and advocacy groups, the high-resolution solutions available through windNavigator provide a level of confidence unparalleled by other commercially available wind resource tools.

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Pricing and Availability

windNavigator 2.2 is available immediately. Pricing varies by subscription. A menu of subscription package options for windNavigator high resolution wind reports, maps and data is available here. For more information, please contact the windNavigator support team at +1-877-899-3463.

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