Energy Roofing Systems Is Going Green

Metro Atlanta company Energy Roofing Systems specializes in Energy Star rated energy-efficient metal roofs. Their roofs have been shown to reflect 90% of sunlight away from the roof, reduce attic temperatures 10-15 degrees, and reduce energy bills 30-40%.

Energy Roofing Systems, Inc. is a company with a high tech product and a vision for the future. We believe our product will eventually become the industry standard for the 21st century. We call it "A SMARTER ROOF" and it is exactly what its name implies. We believe asphalt roofs to be inferior and they are the most expensive roofs you can buy over time, waste billions of dollars nationally in energy and they are a major hazard to the environment. Asphalt roofs continually need replacing and the tear-offs end up in landfills leaching petroleum and other toxic chemicals into the ground water. Asphalt became necessary during World War II, as most of the metal went to the war effort. A multi-billion dollar industry was created and it thrives today as the most common roofing material out of nothing more than habit. It's simply what people believe a roof should be.

Abraham Lincoln's quote "Loyalty to petrified opinion never broke a chain or freed a human soul" can be applied to this modern day thinking about roofs. The old saying "you've got to keep a roof over your head" was meant to make a point about the necessities in life. Roofs have been looked at as the thing you need to protect your building from the elements and nothing more. Expensive to maintain and unchanged for fifty years, standard asphalt technology has remained dormant. When it's time to replace the roof people just blindly had a contractor tear off the old shingle and replace it with new ones.

Today approximately 10% of all the landfills in the country are filled with old asphalt shingles. Some States have banned shingles from landfills because of environmental problems. Take a look at a gutter that empties onto concrete and you will see a dark asphalt stain. Now multiply it a million times and you get the implication. Science and technology today, applied in a manner that makes an affordable alternative to asphalt, would be a great service to our environment. As energy costs soar, so does the price of shingles. As a result of this shingle manufactures have put more filler in the shingles and consequently they no longer last as long. Within 5 years you can see the deterioration. If you can get 10 to 12 years out of a shingle roof today you're doing well. Consider the environmental impact of using a longer lasting more durable material for your roof and collectively we can make a difference in our environment.

Innovation of applied technology can even go beyond that and not only make the roofing system environmentally friendly, but can also save energy for its owner and that saves money. We are at the forefront of developing and marketing a roofing system that will not only protect from the elements but also provide a power plant for the building owner saving him 60 to 70% of his energy needs. Our roof pays for itself and stays 40+ years without any maintenance. It's a roof that pays back its purchase price in 10 to 12 years, and then actually continues to give the owner a substantial return on investment.

Science and technology haven given us the answer. Through innovation and today's alternative energy technologies we have developed a roofing system that can accomplish all that is stated above and do it affordably. As a matter of fact, it is the most inexpensive roofing system you will buy over time. Even more than that, it produces money! Science and technology by themselves will not accomplish a thing. They must be practically applied in a manner that makes perfect sense. Our company is dedicated to innovation in order to provide our customers with affordable technology in today's ever changing world. We are representing a system that is environmentally friendly, reduces our dependence on fossil fuel, and dramatically cuts energy usage. In this website ( you will learn about the materials and alloys we use as well as the solar technology that is employed to make our product truly unique and the only practical option financially for your roof. You will see how, through creative financing options like Energy Efficient Mortgages and state and local tax incentives how, after payment, you could realize a positive cash flow. You will learn that as the price of shingles has been rising, the cost of solar per watt has been dropping. The question then becomes "Why would you choose anything else?"

On a grand scale think what would happen if only 10% of the billions of square feet of roofing across the country were converted to A SMARTER ROOF. It would be like building additional power plants that use no fossil fuel, produce no green house gases, keep billions of tons of harmful material out of our landfills, and reduce our need for foreign oil. All of those things strengthen our national security and help our countries economic outlook. Think what thousands of gallons of free hot water could mean to a local Laundromat or for that matter a large hospital, manufacturing plant or school. We are excited to think of what our product could mean for the homeowner, the business owner or the large commercial client.

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