Danville Green IT Economic Summit 2010

The Danville Green IT Economic Summit will be a landmark event with the latest breakthroughs in energy efficiency from the desktop to the data center.

EcomNets® announced plans today to establish the 1st Annual Danville Green IT Economic Summit at The Institute for Advanced Learning and Research. Danville Economic Development in partnership with Pittsylvania Economic Development will co-sponsor this event with EcomNets, Inc. EcomNets is a Green IT Solutions Provider and creator of the Verdio Green PC.

The Danville Green IT Economic Summit will be a landmark event with the latest breakthroughs in energy efficiency from the desktop to the data center. This summit will cover everything from green hardware to green software technology, and the power of the Internet. These promising new innovations will lay the groundwork for an upsurge in profits and sustainability. Welcome to most dynamic and cutting edge conference.

"We are looking forward to having this event in Danville. Our goal ever since deciding to move manufacturing operations to Danville is to prove that we can bring technology to Danville by way of information seminars, neutral data centers, and Green IT Solutions. This is just one step in that direction," said Raj Kosuri, Chief Technology Officer of EcomNets. "The people in Danville have been very supportive of our efforts to locate our facility here, and we are grateful for all of that support."

The Danville Green IT Economic Summit will take place at the IALR Research Center in Danville, VA on August 25, 2010.

About Danville

Danville is located in south-central Virginia along the North Carolina border, within a day's drive of two-thirds of the nation's population. An excellent highway system coupled with easy access to Interstates 40 and 85 make Danville extremely well-suited to reach mid-Atlantic markets and international shipping facilities.

While Danville is renowned throughout the U.S. for its manufacturing heritage and relaxed lifestyle, the region is also one of the top 25 locations in the country for business. From corporate headquarters, regional distribution centers, and product manufacturing to high-tech research, the City of Danville spans a dynamic economic spectrum. Businesspeople from around the world are discovering the vast possibilities of Danville. In addition to being a world class city, the community is a premier business location and home to major corporations, including The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, Nestl USA, Swedwood, Essel Propack, CIT, Telvista, EBI, EcomNets and many others.
Website - http://www.discoverdanville.com/

About EcomNets

EcomNets is recognized as a Green IT Solutions Provider that focuses on energy efficient computing from the desktop to the data center. EcomNets develops highly-innovative, rapidly-implemented, and extremely cost effective enterprise integration solutions. These solutions are currently delivered to a wide range of Information Technology (IT) clients within the Fortune 2000 and government agencies.

EcomNets delivers integrated Green Technology Platforms and Business Management Solutions to growing companies that will support your Business Strategy and drive a lasting competitive advantage.
Website - www.ecomnets.com

Starts: Wednesday August 25, 2010, 08:00AM EDT
Ends: Wednesday August 25, 2010, 05:00PM EDT

Intended For: CIO, CTO, CEO, CFO, Sustainability, Facilities Managers, IT Directors, Risk Management

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