Draker Labs Announces Release of New Sentalis™ 4 Web Interface

Draker Labs, a provider of turnkey monitoring solutions for commercial photovoltaic (PV) systems, announces the availability of the company's new Sentalis 4 web interface.

(Burlington, VT - October 6, 2010) Draker Labs, a provider of turnkey monitoring solutions for commercial photovoltaic (PV) systems, announces the availability of the company's new Sentalis 4 web interface. The new interface includes enhanced support for managing large portfolios of PV projects, new tools for improving the operations and maintenance (O&M) of PV plants, and a simplified user interface that provides more intuitive and streamlined access to project information and performance data. The new Sentalis 4 interface also includes advanced charting and analytical tools for visualizing key performance indicators and indices, information that plant owners use to validate performance and equipment guarantees.

Sentalis 4 improves project ROI by allowing O&M technicians to more quickly pinpoint system and equipment failures, resulting in faster alarm resolution and improved energy yield. In addition, detailed product specifications, maintenance schedules and location information can be stored within the web interface and accessed by field technicians working remotely using web-enabled devices, such as an iPad or Blackberry.

The new interface also allows periodic performance reports to be automatically generated and distributed via email without requiring users to log in to the system. Permission-based user profiles can be created to tailor access rights within the web interface based on an individual's job title and responsibilities. To facilitate consistency and simplify administration, user profiles can be copied between projects.

Commenting on the new Sentalis 4 release, Draker CTO and company founder AJ Rossman said, "We always work collaboratively with customers to ensure that our products are market-driven. The new Sentalis 4 is no exception and reflects extensive customer feedback and testing." Rossman added, "I am particularly excited about the advanced analytical capabilities that we've added to Sentalis 4, such as the ability to compare and visually trend performance across a portfolio of projects that use multiple technologies in different geographic locations. Our analytics continue to distinguish Draker and help us deliver on our value proposition of helping customers maximize the ROI of their solar assets through improved energy yield and reduced O&M costs".

Draker CEO, Chach Curtis, added that, "the new Sentalis 4 web interface takes full advantage of the advanced capabilities of our industry-leading hardware and instrumentation, making this the most complete, accurate and reliable high performance monitoring solution on the market. Draker continues to distinguish itself among its competitors by offering end-to-end solutions that include hardware, a web interface and on-site field support, and by providing unmatched value to commercial and utility-scale PV operators."

The new Sentalis 4 web interface will be featured at the upcoming Solar Power International Conference in Los Angeles, which runs from October 12th through 14th (booth 968).

For more information, contact:
Mark Sherman
Draker Labs
22 North Street
Burlington, VT 05401

About Draker
Draker provides highly accurate and reliable monitoring solutions that help owners and operators of commercial-scale PV systems maximize the efficiency and profitability of their solar assets. As a supplier of complete, end-to-end monitoring solutions, Draker provides turnkey systems that combine proven field instrumentation with an intuitive Web-based data management system and unmatched customer support.

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