Two recent major events underscore Tijuana's growing role in promoting green technology, sustainable energy and jobs: at Solar Power 2010 show in Los Angeles, DEITAC was able to shine a spotlight on two Tijuana-based photovoltaic (PV) manufacturers, Kyocera and United Solar Systems (UNISOLAR); while at October's Tijuana Innovadora 2010 conference, former Vice President and Nobel Prize winner, Al Gore, recognized Tijuana's leadership in renewable energy.

Tijuana, Baja California, November 9, 2010 - Tijuana is showing itself to be an important leader in the fast-growing green energy and clean technology sectors. In October, the Tijuana Economic Development Corporation (DEITAC) presented the combined benefits of the Tijuana-San Diego Mega Region at North America's largest solar event conference - Solar Power 2010 - held in Los Angeles, California, with over 20,000 attendees. This major event continued many of the themes addressed just two weeks earlier by former Vice President, Al Gore, during a speech in Tijuana about sustainability, and Baja California's pioneering efforts in green technology, innovation and solar energy.

California“s solar resources and initiatives to promote green energy markets made the State of California a major market driver at Solar Power 2010 - a point that the Tijuana EDC promotes as part of Tijuana's market offering for green tech manufacturers looking to cut costs while keeping up global quality. DEITAC's President, Jaime Gonzalez Luna points out, "Tijuana is a leader in green technology on the Pacific Coast. Quietly, we are doing our part as a nearshore manufacturing leader in solar, photovoltaic, and clean energy; as well as we happen to be a community that shares a common environment with the U.S. - so our environmental goals are very similar to our neighbors."

At Solar Power 2010, the Tijuana EDC was able to shine a spotlight on two of the most important players in solar power - as well as their recent expansions: Kyocera and United Solar Systems. Kyocera Mexicana (established in 1987) designs, engineers, and manufactures multi-crystal photovoltaic (PV) modules & assembly bases for ceramic semiconductors. In 2009, Kyocera actually quadrupled its initial capacity to reach 150 megawatts per year in annual production output. The Tijuana operation has over 800 employees and produces 500,000 units per year of world-class quality PV modules. United Solar Systems is yet another example of Tijuana-based green manufacturing: headquartered in Michigan, its Tijuana division was started more than 18 years ago, currently has over 800 employees (including a recent 200 person expansion), and produces an astonishing 1.1 million solar module units per year.

"Whether it's clean tech, green tech, or high tech, Tijuana is just across the border from one of North America's largest markets - California," notes Flavio Olivieri, Executive Director of DEITAC. "Sustainable energy companies are already here, and benefitting from our lower-cost, yet highly innovative manufacturing culture. That - and the fact that Tijuana's total cost to the U.S. market is often lower than China - is why we continue to grow some of the largest solar companies in the world here."

During his recent visit to Tijuana to attend the 2010 Tijuana Innovadora conference, former U.S. Vice-President and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Al Gore, said to a packed audience: "I am keenly aware of how important it is that Baja is a neighbor to California. It's been a leader in green energy and accountability. Combined they are a leader in sustainable energy." Mr. Gore also noted the growing number of wind and solar energy projects that are both serving Baja California residents, and are connected to California and the United States through existing energy grids. Olivieri, who met briefly with Mr. Gore during his visit to Tijuana, agreed with those concepts, explaining, "Smart energy grids and renewable energy resources are, in fact, part of the great potential Tijuana and Baja California offers here at the border with the U.S. - competitive manufacturing costs, and to help fight climate change."

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For more information about the Tijuana-San Diego region and Tijuana's Green Technology industries, please contact the Tijuana Economic Development Corporation toll free from the U.S. and Canada at 1-888-TIJU-EDC, or visit the Tijuana EDC's website at www.Tijuana-EDC.com. Only minutes away from the San Ysidro Port of Entry, visitors to Tijuana can also enjoy the Tijuana EDC's new offices on the 5th floor of the LEED-certified Via Corporativo building, at 10643 Via Rapida Poniente, Zona Urbana, Tijuana, Baja California.

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