China International Clean-energy Vehicles Industry Exhibition 2011

The leading event in the China clean-energy vehicles; The platform for product's debut & technology's improvement April 14-16, 2011 Beijing China National Convention Center, China

China International

Clean-energy Vehicles Industry Exhibition

April 14-16, 2011 Beijing China National Convention Center, China

Supervised by
National Energy Administration
Hosted by
China Energy Research Society (CERS)
Business Media China AG(BMC)
Organized by
The Balloch Group (TBG)
Business Media China AG(BMC)
Supported by (Domestic)
Society of Automotive Engineers of China (SAE-China)
China Electrotechnical Society (CES)
State-owned Enterprise Electric Vehicle Industry Alliance
China Europe Association for Economic and Technical Cooperation (CEATEC)
Supported by (International)
The World Electric Vehicle Association (WEVA)
Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA)
The European Association for Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (AVERE)

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Covering the entire clean-energy vehicles industry
Focusing on the latest products & technology
Attracting +10national pavilions +200leading companies +8000trade visitors

◎ Multi-billion Market is Approaching
— China has been one of key parts of international auto industry for its swift growth and huge potential. It has occupied both an important role in capital and technology. Eliminating energy crisis, achieving the aim of energy conservation and emission reduction by the way of improving low-carbon technology development and application, Chinese government is working on new policies encouraging and promoting clean cars industry.
— China's State Council released the Automotive Industry Readjustment and Revitalization Plan (the Plan) on March 20, 2009. Its target output will reach 500, 000 in three years, which will account for 5% of all passenger vehicles. To 2030, occupying 50% of the total cars, clean vehicles will get an output of 10, 000, 000-19, 500, 000.
— The Decision of the State Council on Speeding up the Cultivation and Development of Emerging Strategic Industries was issued on October 18, 2010, in which alternative-fuel cars was listed in the seven new strategic industries in 12th Five-year plan (2011-2015).
— The Energy Saving and New Energy Automotive Industry Development Plan (2011-2020) will take shape within 2010. The Plan suggested that 100 billion Yuan from the state revenue will be allocated to support and encourage the development of energy saving and new energy cars industry.

◎ Concurrent event—China Clean-energy Vehicles Development Conference
—— Innovation & Sustainable Development
There will be China Clean-energy Vehicles Development Conference at the same time, whose theme is Innovation & Sustainable Development. The Conference provides an open and independent platform for communication and cooperation. It assembles experts, officers, senior executives, entrepreneurs from governments, scientific research institutions, manufacturers, associations, financial institutions, etc., on the policy, technology, innovation and service to make further communication, discussion and collaboration.

◎ CEV-China 2011Highlights

→ 100% Authoritative, Great Support from China's National Energy Administration and Top Manufacturers
Support and participation from China's National Energy Administration and more than 200 top manufacturers from all over the world, CEV-China 2011 provides an unique platform for communication, hot spot issue' insight, interpretation of China "Twelve Five-Year" Emerging Energy Industry Development Plan, investment and financing, cooperation and research, and etc. It represents authority, perspectiveness and strategy.
→100% professional, coverage of the entire clean-energy vehicles industry
Committing to the clean-energy vehicles industry, CEV-China 2011 supplies customers with one-stop service, which is from upstream to downstream, vehicles to spare parts, charging and air-entrapping facilities, technology service and solutions, and etc.

→100% pragmatic, resource integration and comprehensive integrated marketing
Make cooperation with home and abroad administrations, associations, manufacturers, purchasers, media and etc. We provide customers with great amount of propaganda and promotion opportunities pre and post the exhibition. We make full arrangement for exhibitors and trade visitors to reach its participation purpose.

→100% efficient, focusing on exhibitors and visitors ROI
We put the Return of Investment of exhibitors and visitors in the first place. Varied meetings, VIP visitors and exhibitors club, appointment system, visiting and travelling plan, and etc., we do as much as possible for saving time, enhancing business opportunities and full communication and learning for exhibitors and visitors. We also set up "Surprising Fund", which is offered to VIP buyers for air ticket and hotel and pretty gift.

◎ Exhibit Profile
• Electric vehicles, electric motorcycles & bicycles
• Hybrid vehicles
• CNG&LPG vehicles, alcohol & methanol fuel vehicles, H-fuel vehicles
• Other alternative fuel vehicles
• Batteries, fuel cells and other energy storage systems
• Chargers and charging systems
• Battery & energy management systems
• Auxiliary components & parts
• Tests, measurement and simulation equipments & technology
• Manufacturing technology & new materials
• Energy supply infrastructure
• Repairing & maintaining equipment, tools and technology

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