Leading CBM Majors Dart Energy, Essar Reveal Latest Unconventional Gas Project Updates

Summary Dart Energy, Essar Exploration unveil latest developments on unconventional gas investments & projects at 4th UGas summit. The authoritative panel of experts includes Trevor Morgan (former Senior Economist for IEA) addressing natural gas markets, and more!

From Asia, to Australia and America, reports on new large shale gas reserves discoveries are spurring a rush for companies to join in exploration ventures. Large areas remain untapped and demand for CBM project knowledge is at its peak.

For that reason, the 4th UGas Summit to be held in Singapore on 17-18 February 2011 will serve as the industry's compass point for the most up-to-date developments on unconventional gas worldwide. Knowledge-sharing from major CBM players and investor's perspective are just part of what to expect at this recognized summit.

Among the key contributors is Dart Energy, whose recent activities have been making international headlines. Dart Energy earlier this month signed a CBM production sharing contract with Medco Energy, in relation to the Muralim block (formerly known as Kebur block) in South Sumatra, Indonesia. The coalbed methane giant also announced takeover of Apollo Gas Limited and exercised its option to increase equity stake in Fortune Liulin Gas Ltd to 45%. It's Chief Operating Officer, Nathan Rayner will provide first-hand insights on key competencies to become a global CBM player.

Also on the panel is Essar Exploration, who will draw on their CBM experience to analyze India's unconventional gas production potential. Essar will also shed light on the company's plans for the upcoming year. Rounding up the updates is Enviro Energy International on the progress of the LiuHuangGou CBM project in Xinjiang, China.

Joining the distinguished speakers is former Senior Economist for the International Energy Agency (IEA), Trevor Morgan. Currently, he is advising IEA on their gas project due early next year as an external consultant via independent energy consulting firm Menecon Consulting. Mr. Morgan has also provided consulting services for numerous energy companies, international organizations, governments and regulators including: Exxon Mobil, Total, Shell, Japan National Oil Corporation, UN, European Commission, World Bank, and others. He will draw from his experience to address Developments in Natural Gas Markets and Impact of Increased Global Potential of Unconventional Gas.

Managing Director of Oilex, Dr. Bruce McCarthy, will also be on hand to provide details on Oilex's latest tight gas project in Gujarat, India. Oilex recently raised six million pounds towards further drilling operations in the Cambay field. The drilling adds on to the company's first proof-of-concept horizontal well planned for the first quarter of 2011.

Other key areas to be discussed at the summit include the vast investment opportunities in China. Energy Research Institute of NDRC analyzes challenges and considerations for unconventional gas as a fundamental energy resource for China, while RIPED – Petrochina provides insight on the resource prospect and advancement of shale gas in the country.

For more information, visit the official event page or contact Ms. Huiyan at (65) 6346 9113 with enquiries on registrations or summit agenda.

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