Electric Vehicle's top Advocate will talk cars, her new film and the future of EVs in America

Chelsea Sexton, electric vehicle's top advocate and star of the very popular "Who Killed the Electric Car" documentary film, has confirmed that she will be the Keynote speaker at the 2nd annual Solar and Wind Expo at the Timonium Fairgrounds in Maryland May 14, 2011. Through her knowledge and personal experience, she will convey to Expo attendees how the future of electric vehicles is shaping.

Chelsea Sexton is a veteran clean transportation and energy advocate. Her work on General Motors' EV1 program was featured in the Sony Pictures Classics film, "Who Killed the Electric Car?" She went on to serve as Director of the Automotive X PRIZE, Senior Advisor to VantagePoint Venture Partners' Cleantech practice, and co-founder of Plug In America, the largest consumer-oriented electric drive advocacy group. Most recently, she founded the Lightning Rod Foundation, an advisory and educational organization. Additionally, Chelsea is a Consulting Producer on Chris Paine's next film, "Revenge of the Electric Car".

"Consumers have more options than ever, both in plug-in vehicles and how to power them. Events like the Solar and Wind Expo provide an opportunity for people to get the most current information and make the most of those choices." said Chelsea. "I will no doubt include talk of the next film in my keynote presentation" she added.

The Solar and Wind Expo received accolades from Expo attendees and exhibitors in May, 2010 when it featured another of Plugin Americas' founders, Paul Scott, along with Bob Dixson, the well known Mayor of Greensburg, Kansas which was decimated by an F5 tornado and rebuilt with all alternative energy and green construction. With Chelsea Sexton as keynote speaker in 2011, The Solar and Wind Expo continues to take a proactive approach at bringing top quality clean energy advocates to the east coast region.


The Solar and Wind Expo 2011 in Timonium, Maryland will take place on May 13, 14 and 15, 2011. The Solar and Wind Expo exists to connect consumers who desire to live green with alternative industry manufacturers, financiers, advocacy groups, installers and government entities which have the shared mission to make green a reality. All paid attendees receive free educational seminars while at the Expo. These seminars offer an elite opportunity for industry experts to teach the public about important techniques that will enhance their lives and save them money. If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Chelsea Sexton, please call George Lopez at 410-761-1752 or e-mail at

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