OSolar tracker in the world's highest area powering Tibet

A Solar tracking system engineered by OSolar has been grid-connected in the world's highest area to date.

Seoul, January 25, 2011 - A Solar tracking system engineered by OSolar has been grid-connected in the world's highest area to date.

OSolar Ltd., an international Solar Stakeholder and System Integrator, announced the completion of the company's utility-scale, single-axis tracking system in Lhasa, Tibet, commissioned by Longyuan (Beijing) Solar Engineering Technology Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of China Guodian Group.

The project is a 10MW PV power plant and OSolar provided 394kW of its world-class single-axis tracking system. According to the company, the single-axis tracking system at this site will deliver an estimated 20% more annual energy per kW than a fixed tilt PV system.

"This plant is located at an altitude of 4,300 meters which makes it the world's highest PV power plant and we are delighted to be a part of this initiative," said Jihun Kim, co-CEO of OSolar. "This is another historical record achieved by OSolar followed by our turnkey delivery of Asia's largest PV power plant (24MW with a tracker) and the world's largest PV parking-lot (2MW) projects."

Wang Yao, General Manager of Longyuan Solar commented, "Although Tibet is one of the world's famous areas due to the influence of highest altitude, OSolar's tracking system is operating powerfully and is extremely stable under harsh operating conditions and circumstances." Yao added, "Longyuan is proud to work with a reliable and market-leading partner."

About OSolar (www.osolar.com)
OSolar is an international Solar Stakeholder and System Integrator'. A Stakeholder Integrator connects all the PV-related groups together such as authorities, owners, lenders, developers, utility companies, installers, and PV component manufacturers to create the most powerful PV business model ever.

OSolar has successfully implemented a variety of PV solutions totaling over 100MW worldwide, including Asia's largest single-axis PV power plant (24MWp) in Korea and global projects in Japan, China, and the USA with wide-ranging experience and know-how, global technology and formidable networks. Currently, OSolar is carrying over 2,000MW of worldwide pipeline within next 3 years, including USA, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, India and China.

About Longyuan (www.clypg.com.cn)
Established in January 1993, China Longyuan Power Group Co., Ltd., an entity subordinate to China Guodian (Group) Corporation is a domestic leading enterprise in the renewable energy industry.

By the end of 2009, the installed capacity of CLYPG has reached 6404 MW, including 4,500MW of wind power, 1,875 MW of thermal power, 3.9 MW of tidal power, 24MW of biomass power, and 1MW of geothermal power. Longyuan is ranked No.1 in Asia and No.5 globally in terms of installation capacity in renewable energy.

On December 10th 2009, CLYPG (with the stock code of 00916) was successfully listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange, collecting over 20 billion HK$ after over-allotment option.

CLPYG has also made great efforts to develop PV power in areas rich in solar resources, namely Qinghai, Xinjiang, Gansu, Tibet, Ningxia and Inner Mongolia.

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