Enfinity Announces Four Solar Projects to Start 2011

Enfinity, a leading international solar power project developer, begins the new year by announcing three solar photovoltaic (PV) installations in California.

ATLANTA - (Jan. 26, 2011) - Enfinity, a leading international solar power project developer, begins the new year by announcing three solar photovoltaic (PV) installations in California. In addition, Enfinity Canada has announced that construction is underway at its 36 megawatt peak (MWp) Stardale installation in East Hawkesbury, Ontario.

In the United States, the California projects are for the City of Parlier, Greenfield Union School District (GUSD) and Muroc Joint Unified School District (MJUSD). The projects' combined energy production is expected to exceed 4 million kilowatt hours (kWh) annually and more than 80 million kWh during the next 20 years - enough energy to power more than 7,500 average U.S. homes for one year. Enfinity will provide financing and development services for all three projects.

"These projects represent the first of a series of carefully developed and financed solar installations that we nurtured throughout 2010," said Mark Domin, Enfinity's vice president of development for Distributed Generation on the West Coast. "As the year progresses, we expect to launch more projects as part of Enfinity's continuing growth in North America."

Highlights of the three projects in California are as follows:

City of Parlier: This 490 kilowatt peak (kWp), ground-mounted PV system will use 2,130 solar panels. The city, located in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley, aims to offset electrical costs at its waste water treatment facility. The solar power generated will provide a hedge against rising electricity prices by delivering predetermined rates for solar electric power during the installation's 25-year term. The system is expected to commence operation by June 2011.

Greenfield Union School District: Located in the Greater Bakersfield area, this is a 2.2 MWp PV project using 9,500 solar modules on the rooftops, ground areas, and parking lots of 10 of the school district's campuses. All sites are expected to commence operation by November 2011.

Muroc Joint Unified School District: Located in the Mojave Desert, MJUSD will use the electricity from a 392 kWp, combined ground-mounted installation powered by 1,666 solar panels. The system is expected to commence operation by the end of January 2011.

Domin added, "We developed an outstanding working relationship with our clients in these projects. Working together with both our clients and partners, Enfinity was able to secure energy rebate levels just before the respective utilities lowered them."

Enfinity's Experience and Methodology Help Bring Solar Projects to Fruition

Enfinity Canada's Managing Director Chris Young describes a scenario where global experience in financing and development can make the difference between a solar installation moving from the planning phase to actual construction.

"For many solar developers in Ontario, the problem is that once they have a project permitted, they often lack the technical expertise to effectively execute," said Young. "This limits the ability to finance a project and can delay its progress by months, if not years."

Rafael Dobrzynski, Enfinity's CEO in the Americas, added, "Enfinity's international track record is proving to be very attractive to financing institutions in North America. We believe our approach and experienced team can bring many projects to fruition in a very short period of time. Accordingly, we are looking throughout North America to acquire commercial and utility solar projects from 500 kW to 25 MW and above. "

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