Realizing the Crucial Roles of High-End Production Tracking/ Planning/ Scheduling Software Modules in the Context of Today's Complex Manufacturing Environment, MIE Solutions Has Designed the Perfect Tool: MIE Trak

Realizing the Crucial Roles of High-End Production Tracking/ Planning/ Scheduling Software Modules in the Context of Today's Complex Manufacturing Environment, MIE Solutions Has Designed the Perfect Tool: MIE Trak

Jan. 31, 2011 - The use of modern technology raises a new set of constraints and challenges for companies in all branches of manufacturing. Since some of the most significant production throughput losses are the direct consequence of abnormally high cycle times, manufacturers that manage to correct any underlying deficiencies of this nature also gain better control over their production operations, which inherently enables them to increase the profitability of their business.

Fortunately, with the help of state-of-the-art production scheduling software and planning software it is now possible to go through all stages of cycle time optimization the effective way, and with minimum financial expense and effort. Thanks to dedicated high-end production planning software such as MIE Trak - a revolutionary production control and job tracking solution from veteran provider MIE Solutions - as well as other similar automated modules, manufacturers can optimize operations and increase their production throughput substantially.

With MIE Trak, production tracking becomes much easier, faster and considerably more revealing, as it makes it easier for users to spot appropriate corrective actions at any level of the production chain. The comprehensive MIE Trak ERP and MRP system is designed for manufacturers looking to improve their bottom line with a competitively priced software solution.

Some of the features in MIE Trak include: quote, order entry, quote letter, router, work order, costing, purchasing, receiving, raw material, inventory, shipping, invoicing, and finished goods, inventory scheduling, tracking, accounting, EDI module, shop overview, shipping and invoicing reports, as well as integration into many external accounts packages.

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MIE Solutions is a leading provider of production control software for the entire manufacturing sector. Corroborating MRP, ERP, Scheduling Shop floor data capture (SFDC) with bar coding and costing capabilities, MIE Trak (formerly known as FabriTrak) is the market leading software for sheet metal fabricators, precision engineers and manufacturers. The company' list of services also includes training, full product support and on-site implementation.

The mission of MIE Solutions is to apply advanced technology to improve manufacturing productivity and quality in the field of fabrication. The company has a long, successful history in the business, and is renowned for meeting its customers' requirements with maximum professionalism, speed, courtesy, transparency and honesty.

MIE Solutions UK Ltd is the leading provider of production control software, Document Management and B2B Web portal solutions suitable for the entire manufacturing sector.

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