A revolutionary new solar design and sales tool for residential and commercial PV installers.

Valentin Software, Inc. has released the next generation tool for the design and sales of residential and commercial photovoltaic systems. Low cost, fast, accurate and easy-to-use. Solar contractors, sales representatives and engineers can now design PV systems from digital photos of customer homes.

Customers can now see proposed PV systems on their rooftop before having one installed. Announcing PV*SOL® basic with Photo Plan®.

CARLSBAD, CA - Valentin Software, Inc. has released the next generation tool in solar design and sales for residential and commercial photovoltaic systems. Low cost, fast, accurate and very easy-to-use. Solar contractors, sales representatives and engineers can now design PV systems from digital photos of customer homes and create professional proposals with detailed financial analysis and photo-quality graphics of proposed systems on their customer's roof.

PV*SOL® basic was created to keep things fast and easy, in order to help solar contractors save time and money, while simplifying the decision process for prospective buyers. It has a intuitive, straightforward, easy-to-use user interface. The program, which was developed specifically for the US market, incorporates leading edge technology combined with Valentin Software's 20 plus years of experience developing industry leading solar sales, design and simulation tools that are recognized worldwide for their accuracy and ease-of-use.

"Two of the biggest challenges facing the solar industry today are how to reduce system prices and how to increase the mass market adoption of solar", stated Paul DeKleermaeker, Valentin Software's North American General Manager. "We developed this tool to address these needs while also offering contractors a resource to increase their productivity." Contractors will save time that was traditionally spent on tracking solar incentives, electricity rates, product specifications and climate data, and performing system design calculations while also saving time on employee training. Additionally, PV*SOL® basic can either eliminate the need to perform site visits or reduce their time and increase their safety.

PV*SOL® basic includes an impressive new integrated photo dimensioning tool called Photo Plan®. Using a digital photo of the house, Photo Plan can measure the roof's dimensions, obstructions and pitch, layout the array, and then photo-realistically place the array back onto the photograph. Thus allowing customers to peek into the future and see how the proposed PV system will look on their own roof.

PV*SOL® basic lets users to quickly and accurately design and simulate grid connected PV systems containing up to 1,000 PV modules. The program's graphical interface easily guides users through the design process, while performing all the complex technical calculations and simulation automatically out of user sight. The program selects the combination of modules and inverters, as well as the cable cross sections. Climate data, incentives and utility rate tariffs are determined by the project ZIP code. PV*SOL® basic then calculates the energy production, system performance, and system financials.

PV*SOL® basic's component database contains detailed data on approximately 6,000 PV modules and 1,400 inverters, and climate data for over 1,000 US locations and thousands of international locations. The program and component databases are kept up to date via the internet update tool, which automatically checks whether new module and inverter data, and program releases are available.

About Valentin Software
Valentin Software has been providing solar professionals with industry leading design, simulation and sales software programs for over 20 years. The company's powerful, yet easy-to-use, software tools are used by solar professionals in over 70 for the development of residential, commercial and utility-scale projects.

Access free demo versions, tutorials and detailed information on Valentin Software's full range of photovoltaic and solar thermal programs at www.valentin-software.com.

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