Advanced Ethanol Leaders Join RFA to Form New Advocacy Council

The AEC will be singularly focused on accelerating the commercialization of advanced ethanol through visionary public policies that unleash the full potential of these advanced technologies and launch new market opportunities for ethanol.

(February 15, 2011) Washington, DC - Cutting edge leaders in the world's advanced ethanol industry announced today that they are coming together in conjunction with the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) to form the Advanced Ethanol Council (AEC). The AEC will be singularly focused on accelerating the commercialization of advanced ethanol through visionary public policies that unleash the full potential of these advanced technologies and launch new market opportunities for ethanol.

The AEC represents a wide range of advanced ethanol technologies utilizing feedstock from grasses and corn stalks to wood waste, municipal solid waste and algae to produce clean, renewable ethanol. The industry leaders founding the AEC include Abengoa Bioenergy , BlueFire Renewables, Coskata, Enerkem , Fulcrum BioEnergy, Inbicon, Iogen, Mascoma, Osage Bio Energy and Qteros.

"Advanced ethanol production and use is a critical component of America's strategy to become more energy self‐reliant," said Mascoma Chief Executive Officer Bill Brady, who will serve as Chair of the AEC. "New ethanol technologies will dramatically increase transportation fuel security, create new jobs, and diversify the feedstocks that can be processed into transportation fuels. Together with existing biofuel production, advanced ethanol will dramatically reduce America's dependence on imported oil and provide Americans with more control over their energy future. As world events have demonstrated, the need for secure alternatives to imported oil is immediate. Members of the AEC are excited to join with the RFA and begin writing the next chapter in American ethanol."

"American ethanol production is one of the most dynamic industries anywhere in the world," said RFA President and Chief Executive Officer Bob Dinneen. "The innovative companies founding the AEC are leading the evolution of domestic ethanol production to include a vast array of feedstocks. The RFA is proud to join with the members of the AEC and continue its work building a bigger and broader American ethanol industry."

The AEC has elected Brooke Coleman as Executive Director. Coleman has been the driving force behind numerous advocacy efforts to protect and expand markets for biofuels, promote advanced biofuels and reduce America's dependence on foreign oil, while simultaneously addressing environmental concerns.
Joining Bill Brady as Vice Chairs of the AEC are Chris Standlee, Executive Vice President of Abengoa Bioenergy and John McCarthy, Chief Executive Officer of Qteros .

"Abengoa Bioenergy is excited to be a part of the Advanced Ethanol Council of the RFA," said Standlee. "This new partnership will focus and strengthen the voice of advanced biofuels, while expanding the broad base of the RFA to include new technologies and diverse feedstocks that make ethanol production viable in virtually every state in the country."
"Forward-looking polices, meaningful market expansion in the United States as a platform for worldwide growth, and access to capital are three critical elements to commercial production of ethanol from feedstocks other than corn starch," said McCarthy. "This will be the singular focus of this Council."

Now formed, the members of the AEC will focus on developing proactive and durable federal and state policies to accelerate advanced ethanol development, ensure proper accounting of greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental concerns, and expand the marketplace for ethanol fuels.

"It is time for all of the stake holders in ethanol to come together with a unified voice behind the call to arms to insure the energy security of the United States. This alliance with RFA will provide the platform to insure our country's energy future against the back drop of Middle East tensions," said Arnie Klann, President of BlueFire Renewables.
"The advanced and cellulosic ethanol industry has finally come together, but now is the time for the entire biofuels industry to speak with one voice," said Wes Bolsen, Coskata Chief Marketing Officer & Vice President of Government Affairs. "With enduring support, advanced biofuels will create jobs, help reduce our country's dependence on foreign oil, lower greenhouse gas emissions and help reduce the federal trade deficit."

"Working with AEC is further indication of Enerkem's commitment to creating jobs and economic opportunities through clean fuel projects, while reducing the environmental impacts and costs related to oil dependence," said Vincent Chornet, Enerkem's President and Chief Executive Officer. "By leading the first wave of commercial advanced ethanol plants, Enerkem and the other AEC members are making advanced biofuels a commercial reality."

"Fulcrum looks forward to working with members of the AEC to accelerate the deployment of low carbon fuel in the United States," said Fulcrum's President and Chief Executive Officer E. James Macias. "Advanced biofuel projects will provide America with greater energy security and help communities achieve economic growth with thousands of green jobs."
"Our vision has always been global. But America is still the land of opportunity for Inbicon Biomass Refineries. Working through the council, we're eager to turn American biomass into The New Ethanol and put tens of thousands of Americans to work," said Niels Henricksen, Chief Executive Officer of Inbicon.
"This group will focus on addressing the fundamental commercialization challenges facing advanced and cellulosic ethanol. We look forward to working with RFA to develop common approaches for an integrated biofuels policy that will help America meet its energy security and environment objectives cost effectively," said Brian Foody, Chief Executive Officer of Iogen Corporation.

John Warren, Director of Government Relations for Osage noted, "we are excited to take our place among this group in spreading the message on the positive impact advanced biofuels can have on diversifying America's fuel mix, on revitalizing rural America, and on keeping U.S. energy dollars at home. Our one-of-a-kind winter barley ethanol plant offers a new crop opportunity that will help keep farmers in the VA-NC-MD region on the farm."

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