In recent times, we've been inundated with enquiries about our range of IVT products which have become one of our most popular product ranges in the heat pump market.

At www.Enerfina.com, were all about helping customers find the right renewable energy product for their home or commercial property.

In recent times, we've been inundated with enquiries about our range of IVT products which have become one of our most popular product ranges in the heat pump market.

In 2004, Bosch Thermotechnik (part of the Bosch Group) joined forces with IVT with the objective of strengthening their position in the rapidly expanding renewable energy market, as well as providing greater access to new markets for IVT Heat Pumps, and that investment has seen IVT become one of the market leaders in this highly competitive market.

Whilst a ground source heat pump system is electrically powered and taps into the natural heat stored in the earth to heat your property, an IVT heat pump can also heat your domestic hot water, amenities such as a swimming pool, and can cool your home in the summer.

In essence, it transports heat energy from one place to another and because you are moving heat, rather than creating it by burning oil or gas, the system is much more efficient with average savings of between 50-70% on your annual running costs.

In fact, every 1kW of input energy is converted into an average of 4.5 kW of output energy or heat (i.e. a Coefficient of Performance or COP of 4.5 : 1), making it more than 4.5 times as efficient as conventional boilers, and a natural choice for low cost heating and hot water.

Although still considered to be a new arrival on the UK scene, heat pumps are a proven technology pioneered by IVT in Sweden where 97% of all new houses are built with heat pump heating systems.


Enerfina Limited, founded in 2006, is a fully independent market intermediary in the renewable energy sector.

Working for the benefit of customers in both the domestic and commercial sectors, Enerfina carefully researches and selects products from a small selection of high quality, proven manufacturers of renewable energy products. Product categories include Heat Pumps, Solar Thermal and PV Panels, Biomass Boilers and Stoves, Wind Turbines and Rainwater Harvesters, amongst others.

IVT Ground Source Heat Pumps Heat Pumps are ideal for use in a variety of house sizes or styles, and are designed to work perfectly to provide hot water to either traditional radiators or under floor heating systems.

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