Balance of plant now big business in CSP

The CSP industry in Europe has started to translate promise into reality, and design to implementation - with 432.2MW of plants installed in Spain by August 2010.

Further projects now in the pipeline are aided by favourable tariff regulations and national incentives, fuelling a market that is estimated to be worth $200 billion worldwide. However, the focus has now switched from broader, ‘industry-wide' questions to solving specific issues, and it is now commonplace to hear that balance of plant engineering is top of the developer's agenda. The financial reasoning is clear: new reports suggest that the initial investment outlay, combined with operations and maintenance expenses, account for an average of 57% of the total lifecycle plant cost.

In accordance with this rise in interest, CSP Today are delighted to announce the launch of their CSP Yield Optimisation Conference and Expo Europe (Seville, 31 May - 1 June). This two day event concentrates on unravelling the technical challenges to show how to maximise CSP plant output through improved balance of plant engineering. From design and layout considerations to informed component selection, and from construction and commissioning to operations and maintenance, the CSP Yield Optimisation Europe conference will cover these concerns in more detail than ever before.

Key presentations will be made by key CSP companies such as Milenio Solar, DLR, CENER and Ferrostaal, and detailed case studies from experienced industry leaders like Acciona and Torresol. The event features an expert panel to outline the value of optimising CSP plants (Abengoa, Acciona, BBVA and Astrom) and interactive round-table sessions that are designed to both increase delegate-speaker interaction and find constructive solutions to real problems.

The focus on specific engineering challenges and calibre of speakers make this a standout conference on the CSP calendar, and will give attendees the unique opportunity to meet with decision-makers and influencers from developers, EPCs, and technology providers. The development of the European CSP market makes attendance at this summit essential for anyone interested in maximising the output of their new or existing plant.

For more details, go to the website or contact Matt Carr by e-mail: or by phone: +44 (0) 207 375 7248

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