Hybrid Inverters with web monitoring as standard •The PowerRouter

•One unit for on and off-grid applications •Performance monitoring via free personal web page •Two independent MPP trackers and inputs •Available in 3kW, 3.7 kW and 5 kW versions •Built in DC disconnect switch •Plug-and-play internet connectivity •Expandable with wind and battery options

The PowerRouter... you're in charge

A uniquely versatile inverter that allows you to simply connect solar, wind and battery power to one product, without technical and installation hassle. Apply the PowerRouter to feed-in, maximize the self-use, back-up or as an off grid energy system and become independent from the grid.

The Advantages

By choosing the PowerRouter, you save money, time, and space: PowerRouter

• batteries are only engaged when necessary, which reduces the number of load cycles and prolongs the life of the batteries

•via the web portal (www.myPowerRouter.com), you can remotely monitor and control your PowerRouter system, anytime and anywhere

•the all-in-one solution doesn't need any extra inverters, monitoring devices, switchboxes or complex inverter charger combinations

•on-grid, off-grid and hybrid solutions in one enclosure

•Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) functionality

•a new technology to route power, called the'PowerBackbone'

•a lightweight, all-in-one solution for quick

Furthermore, the PowerBackbone can:

* integrate wind, solar, battery, grid, generator, and/or load power into one unit
* sense the changes in varying energy supplies and immediately adapts to any situation
* route power to maximize the created energy, therefore making the system even more efficient with a consistent and independent AC output
* easily adapt to future changes in power needs by connecting additional expansion units

Connect & grow

PowerRouters are versatile and available in many variations. For example, expand your existing PowerRouter system with solar and battery storage or a wind turbine by simply adding expansion units.
Continuous power (UPS functionality)

The PowerRouter (with backup functionality) acts immediately during a power interruption and switches to alternative power within 20 milliseconds, keeping all essential appliances running.
Internet connectivity

Interact with your PowerRouter through myPowerRouter.com. All PowerRouters can be connected to the internet to monitor and manage their performance. Users can easily manage their PowerRouter from any computer or mobile device. Dealers / installers are able to remotely monitor the current system status, install new firmware with advanced features and perform updates. This way, you can keep all installed PowerRouters completely up-to-date. To read more about myPowerRouter.com, download the brochure 2011 (PDF).
Easy installation

The PowerRouter is a sleek and lightweight device that can easily be mounted by one professional in three steps:

1. fasten the mounting strip to the wall
2. hang the unit, which will snap and lock into place
3. connect cables to terminals, which are neatly arranged and accessible on one side

This all-in-one solution allows for easier professional installation without the hassle of multiple cables and numerous interconnected boxes.
Key technical features

•fully independent MPP trackers
•wide system input range of 150 to 600Vdc (max. 15A per input)
•galvanic insulated topology with 24Vdc battery packs (no restrictions in regard to accessibility)
•connects with most types and sizes of batteries
•programmable battery configuration settings for optimal charging conditions

Simple intuitive web interface. Monitor your earnings remotely from your pc or apple iphone.

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Morningstar's TriStar MPPT 600V charge controller leverages Morningstar's innovative TrakStar™ MPPT technology and our 20+ years of power electronics engineering excellence, to enable the widest input operating voltage range available from a solar array, wind turbine or hydro input. This controller's standard and DB versions are for off-grid applications, and the TR versions were developed to enable retrofitting grid-tied systems with battery backup.